Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

To start the Year out right I'm having a sale at Paperthreads on Jan 1st through Jan. 4th. midnight cst. You'll get 50% off any of my files. Also for the month Calendar overlays will be 50% off all month long. I'm getting some new files uploaded to Paperthreads, so be sure and check out my sale.


Sunday, December 28, 2008


So sorry if you missed the snowflakes, I left them up until the morning of the 26th. You'll never know when I offer something for a limited time on my blog. I think it will be within a week when the snowflakes are uploaded to Paperthreads, until then just e-mail me if you want them and I'll send you a paypal request. The 33 snowflakes are $4.99.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope all my readers have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever your holiday you celebrate this time of year. The birth of Christ was the most wonderful present given to us, and the first gift of Christmas is Love, remember to share your love with all, and I hope all share their love with you. My Christmas gift to you is a set of snowflakes 33 in all, that you can download the entire file today and tomorrow only, if you don't get it those 2 days, it will be available on Paperthreads also.

Love to all,

Thursday, December 11, 2008


You'll get a total of 52 files of basic ornaments, shadows, backgrounds, and decorations for the ornaments. Trees, snowflakes, and an adorable gingerbread man is included in this collection, many different ways to decorate and hang on your tree, put pictures in, or do whatever you can imagine to do with them. Not all ornaments are shown, just a sampling, I'm working on getting them on paperthreads if you want to buy it you can either keep checking to see if it's available, or e-mail me personally, and I can e-mail it to you, price is $10.99 for all of them in ai,wpc,gsd and of course knk.

Gingerbread man ornament

Here are the directions for cutting and decorating the gingerbread man. I cut the background out in a brownish/red paper, to resemble the color of gingerbread, the icing/top layer I cut out of white, then embossed it with UTEE, you can probably use a fine clear embossing powder, but you may have to emboss it twice to get the raised glossy look.
I tied a bow under his chin, drew on his mouth, and glued a small red rhinestone for his nose, used a 1/4" eylet for the hanger, and I just put it on the card with a ribbon through the hanger, so it can be snipped off and used as an ornament after the card has been sent. I did cut out a place for a picture from his tummy on some of them, so you can put a picture in it. You'll get the background, the 2nd layer, which has the hole cut out for a picture, the icing and also a shadow of the gingerbread man if you want to use it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

I'm making my Christmas cards and ornaments right now, I usually make all my kids, nephews and neices a ornament every year, this year he's a gingerbread man with a place in his tummy for a small picture. I'll post that as my free file in a few days, along with instructions on how I made him into an ornament. I'm cutting him out right now, so give me a few days before you check back.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted to my blog, this is a busy time of year for everyone. I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas in their hearts and in their homes. I'm making all my presents this year, which I love doing and giving, hopefully I'll be done soon. I've learned to let things go so I can enjoy the season, I don't get bent out of shape when things don't get done, like I used to do. This weekend most Paperthreads designers are participating in a Thanksgiving Sale, go make sure and check out the sales. THe free file is actually 6 files of chinese pheonix, only one is shown, but you will get a total of 6 files.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back again

I have had a busy 2 weeks. I went to the 4 day croptoberfest, had a ball, finished 66 pages and had a good weekend, then I came home got classes ready and packed for another crop this past weekend where I set up as a vendor. I just made cards in my spare time that weekend, and colored a lot. I used the free files I just added in one of my classes, I sprayed the leaves with glimmer mist, they turned out really cool, that is my new favorite toy. I'll try to take a picture of the finished layout and post it sometime this week.
Enjoy the free files,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winner of drawing

is Carol, she voted for both small and medium sized files, please e-mail me and let me know which of the 3 shown images you want the files for, they are in my last blog entry. I didn't get a free file up this week, I'm leaving tomorrow bright and early for Croptoberfest and won't get back til Monday, I'll try to put up 2 free files next week.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I need your Opinion and you can win some files

I'm doing some files and I'm wondering if it's better to group them or not to group them. I have 3 groups I'm working on, Cherokee indians with 20 files, Trees and animals with 27 files and smoky mtns titles with 28 files. They all have to do with the smokies but you can use them on other type outdoor pages, just not the titles that have to do with the Smokies. So here's my question, Do I split up the files, for instance I have under the Smoky Mtns, Places to see titles, animal words, and Smoky Mountain titles, so should I sell each set for $2.99 and then the group of titles for $7.99 and then all of the files 76 files in all for $18.99, it's cheaper to buy the whole collection, but I'm wondering if I should group them or not. If you vote I'll put your name in a drawing to be held 10/14 and you can win the one of the 3 collections (your choice). Please spread the word, I really would like to know how you think the files should be best grouped. You can vote for all 3 if you want. Also please post that you've voted, I'm not sure if I'll get info on the people who did vote unless you let me know.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free File Day

As you can see I've changed the name of Free File Monday, I just can't keep up, I can do it one day during the week, but every Monday is putting too much pressure on me. Sometimes I'll post on my group and knk group that I've put up a new file. I'm working on Smoky Mountains files, I'll have titles, animals, places to visit and indian stuff. Here is one of the titles for you. Next weekend I'm going to Croptoberfest, it seems to take so long for it to happen every year, I really look forward to getting back to the Mountains and see friends I haven't seen for a year. I'm power planning so I have a lot to scrap, it's a 5 day crop so it'll be fun, the following weekend I'm doing a weekend crop as a vendor, besides selling my overlays and titles, I also sell The Angel Company stamps and products. I'll be giving 2 classes, so my next 2-3 weeks will be pretty busy. As always if you have something you want me to design please, please e-mail me and let me know.

Have a great fall week,

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bear File

This weekend my husband and myself went to the Gatlinburg, we saw old homesteads, a indian village and how they lived, we panned for gold and gems, we went on a helicopter ride, took a old tyme photo and had some wonderful away time together. I saw some deer and I also got to see a bear, in honor of that bear I made this weeks file.


Monday, September 22, 2008

This week's free file is a single sunflower and 2 leaves, I designed 2 corners several single leaves and sunflowers and a couple of sayings for sunflowers, I'm almost done with this collection and should have it finished by tomorrow if you want to pre-order it just send me an e-mail and let me know, akadi14@aol.com . It will be available in file types .ai, .wpc, .gsd and .knk. for $4.99, I'll send you a paypal request and then e-mail you the file once finished.

Thanks so much for your business,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This week

I'm going to skip this weeks free file, my DIL had surgery and she needs me to help her this week so I'll be going over there all week, have a weekend crop to go to on Friday, so my spare time I'll be making page kits and packing for the crop, look for the free file next Monday again.

Thanks for understanding,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today's free file

This weeks free file is a leaf silhouette, My biggest problem is I love to design them, but I don't like converting them and cutting them out as well, so I'm slower doing that part, I used to have a design team, but things got busy for them too, my friends will let me use their pictures and such when it comes to getting a layout done, in fact I'm almost done with a sunflower layout. Also this Thursday is Sept. 11, I'm going to put my flag out to show rememberance for those that have fallen on that day and since that day. It would be wonderful if I drove through my town and saw a flag out at every house. I encourage you to fly the American flag on that day, if you don't fly one already.

Have a great week,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Heritage files

My friends and I are on a heritage kick, I'm designing all kinds of designs that can be used for heritage or formal layouts, I'm sharing one of them with you today. I'll be offering them in sets of medallions, borders, squares, crosses, frames and corners. I'm excited to be working on these. Hope you enjoy the free file today.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Sorry

I've let you all down, and I'm so sorry, life has gotten in the way of my posting the free file on Monday, I'll work on it and post it today. I'm doing stuff for the kids and helping out a friend this week, so I completely forgot about the free file, I'll work on it and post it today. I've also started selling The Angel Company Stamps, I only did it because my friends wanted a consultant to buy from and they already sell CTMH, STampin up and Memory Works, so it was my turn. Now the Angel Company has sucked me in and I want to buy more of their stamps and papers and really go to town having parties. I'm pretty gulliable anyway, and when I do something I do it with all my being, I just can't help it. I'll probably incorporate some of the stamps with my Diana's Designs that I do. Look for the file by 4:00 cst today. I'm also wanting to write some tutorials on how to's for scrapbooking or card making, please, please let me know what you want me to start with, I'd rather post something you need, than something I think you need.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cutting Overlays with a 12" Klick-n-kut

I've gotten several e-mails in the past 2 weeks asking about Overlays. These questions are about cutting overlays with a 12" KNK machine, so that is what this post pertains to. If you have trouble with skewing go to my friend Sandy's blog
http://sandymccauley.blogspot.com/ and scroll down, on the right side you'll see where you can search topics by post, go the the one marked Skewing and go through her check list.
1. When you cut overlays you need to make certain your mat is very straight, first I put the rollers at about 1/2 from the edge of the cardstock, then I put the front edge of the cardstock on the edge of the rollers and make sure the same amount of paper is in front of each one.
2. When I put my blade on my start of origin, I get down very close, eye level to make sure I'm right on the point I need to start. This makes sure you have the same amount of border all the way around your paper.
3. I always make sure my mat is good and sticky and my blade is sharp, when I put the cardstock on the paper, I use a brayer to make sure it is stuck on the mat well.
4. The first time you get ready to cut a overlay, go ahead and do a practice run, open your KNK software, and put a 11.5" square in the middle of your 12" square, to make sure it is in the correct spot, turn on your Snap to Grid and make sure it is 1/2" from each edge of paper. When you get done cutting this, measure each side with a ruler, if your 1/2" border is there on each side, then your good to go for cutting overlays. If not, e-mail me and we'll figure out what to do.

Here is Monday's Free file, it is a overlay you can try. If you finish any layouts or cards with any of my files, feel free to send them to me, I may even post them on my blog.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Wonderful weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know I did. Had to send several free files from the sale at paperthreads, thanks for your business. Got to go out to eat 2 nights in a row at nice resteraunts, and have leftovers for lunch today :) I'm busy working on my last auto-ship, it will have well over 50 files in it. I did want to thank all my loyal customers that purchased the auto-ship from me, and this does not mean I'm going to quit making files, I just want to let off the pressure of a monthly deadline. Hope you enjoy today's free file, it's simple, but can be used for manly pages/cards.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sale at Paperthreads on my files

Tomorrow is 8/8/08 and Saturday is my 28th Anniversary and my oldest son's 1st Anniversary, so to celebrate I'm having a 2 day 50% off sale on ALL my files, also if you send me your order # from a order placed where you purchased my files during the sale I'll send you a free file. The free file is only being announced on my blog, so if you want to pass the word, feel free.


Monday, August 4, 2008

USA States Overlays

I'm working on the 50 states overlays this week. I'll sell them individually for $2.49 through www.paperthreads.com (I'll get them loaded sometime this week) or I'll sell them in sets for $10.00 each set will have 5 states in alphabetic order, to the left is a sample of the first set, it will included Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas and California, and I'll go ahead and put the USA overlay in each set also, they should be posted sometime today.

Have a great week!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Heritage Collection

I just finished my Heritage collection, it was available only in .gsd format, and I've converted to all formats, I did delete a few of the files, but added more than I had before, I've got a total of 43 files in this collection, look to the left you'll see a finished page using some of the files, it is also linked to my webpage if you'd like to purchase the collection.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paper Flowers

I just converted my paper flowers collection which was just .gsd formats to all formats, they include .gsd, .ai, .wpc, and .knk. If you've purchased it from me before and you need the other files, please send me a zip file of the .gsd's and I'll send you the completed converstions. If you don't have it and you want to purchase the collection of 44 files, e-mail me and I'll send you a paypal notice for $10.99 for e-mail delivery, or $12.99 for a CD through U.S.Postal Mail. See the thumbnails to the left. I've made paper flower chains 2 corners, about 20 different leaves and the rest are seperate flower petals and flowers.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Hearts Free File

This file is made for a 12x12 sized overlay, if you size it smaller the outlines of the hearts will be very thing, but it can be done. I have also included the background of the hearts, that will cut out any size.

Have a great week,

Monday again

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More files

I just uploaded a 4 page overlay for Cats, a set for the Statue of Liberty with overlays and a seperate statue and titles, and I uploaded the files for Wine and Jazz, which you can see to the left.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday again

I'm getting into card making more and more now, so you'll probably see several card fronts in my freebies. I did get 3 overlay sets done and uploaded this past week, I did a Dog, Newborn, and a Seasons overlay set. They are posted on my website , http://www.dianasdesignsonline.com/catalog/
on ebay,
and should be on Paperthreads sometime this week,

More later,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Today

Today I've worked really hard getting some pictures up on my website, If you look to the left you can see some of the files, with a direct link to order them from my website. I'm also posting the 2 page easter layout I just did with my Spring Holiday Words, it turned out better than I expected.
This collection has 30 files in it, and includes Easter Sunday, Easter Bunny and St Patricks Day, you'll get the following files and more, cross, lily, shamrock, card ideas, bunnys, eggs, and several phrases and titles.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've posted the Morning Glories I finished, I also have the link on the left side so you can go straight to my website and order it if you'd like to. You should be able to check out and download the files as soon as it is paid. I really like this page, I'm going to use it as a "About Me" page, there are so few of pages with just me in them. I've been trying to do more pages with me in them and handing the camera to my kids or my husband so I'm not invisible. Also got the free file up a day early. I'm really on the ball, getting more organzied too.

Enjoy your free file,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I feel like I"m getting a lot done

Just had to share, I really feel like this week I'm getting a lot of work done, I've finished designing files and converting them for morning glories borders, a lattice overlay, mats and words. As soon as I design a layout with it I'll post that one for sale, it will be a $4.99 collection.
I have another set of files close to being done with cherry blossoms and butterflies, I've almost finished my July Auto-ship for this month, EARLY!! I have several files I've designed and then never cut out or did a layout with, so I'm going to work on those next. Here is a cute layout of my grandson when he wasn't in the best mood, the title is on the July auto-ship.


July's Auto-ship Happy Words

This months auto-ship I've done all with connected words with different fonts and mats for each words/phrase. I've had numerous requests to do this so that is what I focused on this month. Catagories I've used are girls, boys, child, summer, christmas and happy words. I'm seriously thinking about stopping the Auto-ship club making August the last month, unless I can get more people to sign up for it, if you aren't aware of it, here is a brief description of what it is.
6 month membership is $60.00 since you prepay, you are actually saving $6.00 plus getting extra files.
A Set of files each month e-mailed to you between the 15th and the 20th of each month
30 + files in each set, plus 5 files that are exclusive to the auto-ship club
Please e-mail me if you want to join my auto-ship club and I can decide from there if I want to continue it.

I'm also considering starting a card club, this would be different things that could be cut out and include on cards, such as lattice backgrounds, connected words, stencil cards, ect... Let me know if you'd consider joining this type of club.
It would probably be $30 for a 6 month membership, and we could have contests with the cards you used the files on.

E-mail if either way if you are interested.

Monday, July 7, 2008

scalloped Mat

I love all types of scalloped and shaped mats, I especially love the ones with holes and stuff cut out of them. I made this one for a Tea party page I'm doing for my Red Hat Tea Party, I hope you enjoy the file.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Free file Monday

I'm going to have to skip this weeks free file, I'm helping a friend do inventory, and I'm so tired, it will probably take me 3 days, but I will get a new free file next monday.


Monday, June 23, 2008


I was working on a lifeguard page and decided to offer the files as cut files, they include silhouette of lifeguard on tower, lifeguard chair, float ring, lifesaving float, sign "lifeguard on duty", titles Lifeguard, How to save a life, swim, swimmer, beach, and pool, following are the title how to save a life, lifeguard, the sign, silhouette of lifeguard on tower, float ring, lifesaving float. E-mail me to order the files which are $4.99 akadi14@aol.com

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday again

Mondays are sure rolling around quickly. I probalby won't be designing too much this week. I need to get some page kits that are pre-ordered done, need to cut out some of my designs so I can take a picture of them and then do a layout with some of them. Hope you enjoy this weeks freebie.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Auto-ship

I've been working on this for the past couple of weeks, and yesterday I got most of it done, it will be Fall Holiday Words. Now I have to convert it to all files and get it ready to e-mail to my auto-ship members. I'm thinking next months will be positive words, like believe, celebrate, wish, I will use different fonts with these and add a mat. Give me some ideas of themes you'd like to see.


Monday, June 9, 2008

File a day and freebie

I had so much fun making these flourish birds I ended up with 8 of them, one is this weeks freebie and if you'd like to purchase the rest of them, just e-mail me and I'll send you a paypal request. I used Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter to cut them out and I also included a narrow background so the edges look better defined.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well it's Friday, hope your week was wonderful! I power planned several layouts so I could take them to a crop I'm going to tomorrow. I have a "Jazz on the Lawn" Layout, we have a winery here and they do a concert several times during the summer. I made a trellis, grape bunch, title, music notes, wine bottle and glasses. I think I could make this into 2 different collections, Maybe a Band Concert title, with the music notes, and a winery collection, with the rest of the stuff. I'm also working on "I love my Poodle", "Baby Collection" and a overlay page, busy week, next week I'll try to get pictures posted. My new website is coming along, I'm very excited to be able to unveil it, more info on that later.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sale of my files at Paperthreads

This is my first ever sale by myself at paperthreads. Everything except my auto-ship is 50% off for today and tomorrow only, so hurry. I'm thinking of a contest I could have with my files, so if you want to enter you might want to pick some of them out. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Free files

I've had to clean up my list to the left side and I've removed all the free files, I'll get them back up on my website so you can get them whenever you need to, I'll still list the new free files here and after a week or two will just removed them from my blog, but again leave them on my website. Have a great week.


Friday, May 30, 2008


Well it's Friday, I worked hard yesterday, we tore down a old deck and hauled the wood away one truckload at a time, we made 4 trips to the dump yesterday and still have one to go today, I did make a new file today though, it's a nice bird, I'll make some more birds and set them up as a collection, it did turn out rather nice.
I'm going to be home alone this weekend, son and Hubby are going to Boyscout camp for the weekend, I look forward to getting the house clean, reading a book or two, and working on my files, maybe I'll turn the phone off so I don't get phone calls either.

"It is not how much you do, but how
much love you put in the doing."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Free File

I'm probably going to post my free file sometime today, so it'll be early, it is a banner that you can use as a title. I made a bald eagle yesterday and one today, and the banner, so I've done 3 files in 2 days, doing well so far. I'm going to upload my eagles at Paperthreads, and I may sell them as a pair, I haven't figured them out yet. Will share the pictures when I take and upload them.
Have a great holiday with your families,

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where has this week gone?

This week has just flown by, I had so many things to do, and we opened our pool and it is ready for swimming, weather is getting warmer, so it should be ready. This weekend my brother is in town so we'll be busy visiting, we are going to Jazz on the Lawn tonight, so much to do. Kudos to you all that do it and work full time, I don't remember doing it all when I did, but I'm sure I managed my time better then. I'm going to try to make a file a day, we'll see how long it lasts. I'm going to put my files at Paperthreads on sale sometime next month, I'll give you a heads up before I do this, but I wanted to get some more individual files made before I do that.

Have a great weekend, and remember those who served and those who gave their life so we all could be free, Happy Memorial Day!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Free File Monday

I posted the file Butterflies for Hope, my neices name is Hope and I did a page where a butterfly chased her around all day long, it tickled her because she loves butterflies, and it kept landing on her arms and fingers, so she showed everyone. I'll have to post that layout someday so you can see it. My winning layout from the Red Hat crop is posted on Sat. May 10 post, in case you wanted to see it. Enjoy the file.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Red Hat Meeting

I had a good time yesterday, there were about 12 women in the 2 page layout contest and I won 1st place with my Mother Day Layout, and my friend won 2nd place, with a pretty flower layout, congrats Carolyn.
We did a class on a 2 page layout of family, it was giving by another Red Hatter and turned out beautiful, good job Dora.
We went shopping at Michaels, and Joanns (none in our town) in Nashville, then out to eat at Calhouns, my first, and it was yummy. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost the weekend

I've been busy getting my auto-ship ready to e-mail and cutting out page kits and some orders. I'm going to a Red Hat crop this weekend and will take some to sell there also. I really need to get a Red Hat page kit together, I love using Red and Purple together.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom's Layout

Here is my Mothers Day Layout, total of 17 files, $4.99 for AI, WPC, GSD and KNK files, or if you want the kit with everything cut for you $15.00 shipping is included, if you order more than 2 you'll get each additional kit for $12.50. E-mail me and let me know what you want at Akadi14@aol.com


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Freebie requests

Are there files any you want to request? Do you want more overlays, paper piecings, themed, holiday, words, ect...let me know what YOU want. I have a class this Saturday, hopefully it is full, I just heard a rumor our health insurance is going to double, that's a bummer. With the price of gas I'm not going out as much, but I enjoy staying home, so that's ok by me. Tonight I have a stampin up class, must attend that, some things are just neccessities

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. ~Og Mandino

Monday, May 5, 2008

Here is my jungle page, if you want to buy the files for your cutters e-mail me, I don't have it on my website yet. They are $4.99 and will be e-mailed to you. If you want to buy the page kit, it is $15.00, that includes everything you see except my pictures, with directions on how to chalk all the animals and foliage and put it together and shipping is also included. If you buy more than 2 kits you will get a discount. Just e-mail me and let me know what you want.


Mothers Day

This Sunday is Mothers Day, don't forget it. I'm working on a cute mothers day layout and decided a portion of it would be the freebie for today, once I get it completely done, I'll post it here. Should be sometime this week. Have a great day.

Live, Love, Laugh

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thank you

For all the personal and public posts I've gotten lately. It makes me feel like it's worth doing the blog when I get so many postive comments. I'm working hard on new layouts so I have something to work on at my NSD crops and on Monday you'll see what I've come up with, I have made a Jungle page already, it's just not ready to put on my website yet, but I'll post pictures of that on Sunday or Monday along with whatever I've done from NSD.

Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled by great ambitions.-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thursday, May 1, 2008

NSD Plans

I am going to a friends house and scrappbooking on Friday from 6-whenever, and then on Saturday back to her house until around 5, going home eating dinner with my hubby (hope he's cooking) and then to Scrappers Delight Store for their 6-1am crop. I still remember my first NSD Day, I just started scrapbooking, my kids were little so I didnt' have much of a social life, and I had no where to go, so I sat on the floor, scrapbooked with my kids and had a wonderful time. I hope whatever you do for NSD you have a good time, and even if you are not a ornate scrapper, you put your pictures down on pages the safe way, you journal, I tend to forget details so journaling is important to me, and the rest is just icing.
I hope you have a great weekend!!

Worry not that no one knows of you; seek to be worth knowing.--Confusious

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunshine Overaly

I had a special request to re-do the You are my Sunshine, so that it matched the beginning of the song, so it says You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, sorry, I didn't put up my freebie for this week, I had a migraine for the last 3 days and just got rid of it this morning, I was so whipped by it, I watched TV all afternoon and just now checking all my e-mails and stuff, and realized I didn't put up my freebie, I'll get it on sometime this afternoon, again I'm sorry.


Friday, April 25, 2008


Haven't heard a word about how anyone liked my freebie for this week, would love you to comment, tell me what kinds of files you want, if you like or don't like the files, I can take constructive critisism. Do you want more overlays, less overlays? What??? I'm doing a class tomorrow at my LSS, I'm very excited about it. I went to a photography class, and learn a lot of things about how to take better photo's, how to use a digital camera, ect...Last night I had a CTMH Party at my house, it turned out very good, and we had a good time visiting and talking with each other.

Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.
Author Unknown

Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy weekend

Wow this weeked just flew by, on Saturday I want to Carolyns spring tea, and it was awesome, she really outdid herself, the food was soooo good. I was very good and pretty much stayed off the dessert table, I did take a cheese cake in a dark chocolate cup, but only ate a bite, it was really sweet. Then I went to a crop at my LSS and I did a couple pages for Zachery, one of them turned out really cute, and they talked me into giving a class and 5 of them signed up on the spot. So yesterday I spent all day getting the kits ready, soon as I get a picture of it I'll show it to you. This Saturday I'm going to teach my calender class, so I got ready for that too. Hope you like todays free file, it's a bunny overlay, and I'll get it posted asap.

Decide to be happy

Friday, April 18, 2008

Working and cleaning my room

I've designed a few more overlays today, and getting ready for a crop tomorrow. I'm belong to the Red Hat and Sassy Scrappers group, and we are cropping at Carolyns house tomorrow and then she is going to treat us to a spring tea. I know I will have a ball there.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Also selling collections of overlays

For a huge discount, I only have knk files ready right now, Here is the 1st one
Helicopter, Plane, Giraffe, dogs, My Kitty 2 page, Red Hat Ladies, Pink Hat Lady, I wasn't born a princess,,but if the tiara fits, Little girls like butterflies need no excuse, 12th grade
2nd set
Car , Truck, Vine, Spring Break, Zoo 2 page, Beach, 1st Picture (for ultrasound pictures), Palm Trees, Warning, when I'm an old Woman, I shall wear purple, My name is No No, but my Grama calls me precious
Each set has 10 overlays and they normally sell for $2.99 each, I'll sell each set for $15.00 which is 1/2 price, but if you buy both sets you can get them for $20.00. A few of them are posted on my blog if you want to check them out. Just e-mail me and let you know what you want.
Thanks so much for reading this far,


Starting my Cruise Album with swirls

Here is the first page of my cruise album, This is Ft Lauderdale as we were leaving port. I made the swirls across the page, title in grungboard I LOVE THAT STUFF!!, shells, and I also designed 2 more swirls that match these for the next page. I went ahead and showed you a picture close up of the grungeboard title, that is the most awesome stuff to cut on the KNK, I had to cut it twice, but then it popped right out, it's thicker than the chipboard and stands out nicely, I inked over the top of it, so you can see the swirls in the letters. Let me know what you think about it. I'm going to put it on my site sometime today so I can sell the files, if you can't wait, e-mail me and I'll send you a paypal notice and e-mail you the files. The collection is $4.99.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15th

Well it's tax day, have you filed your income tax? I'm normally a procrastonator, but this year I sent my taxes off on the 13th, I was so proud. I got a lot of thank you's on my blog and through e-mail for the overlay, and it makes me smile everytime I get one. I got my CD of pictures from the cruise that everyone took and I spent 2 hours going through them and figuring out which ones I wanted to print, I still think I have too many to print, but there were so many good pictures. I sent out my Auto-ship for April this morning, it's Spring Holiday Words, I think it turned out pretty good. Lots of titles and words that work around the spring holidays, also a few graphics and card ideas.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

You asked for it, Overlays

I finally have some of my overlays for sale on my website, I have the cut out overlays, and also files of the overlays in .ai, .wpc, .gsd and .knk formats. The free one this week is "You are my sunshine on a cloudy day. I'm working hard to get more on my website, ebay and at paperthreads. If you'd like to purchase the finished overlay shipping will run around $2.50, I'll combine shipping if you order more than one. I also finished my taxes and mailed them off. Working on a finished 2 page layout to put on ebay, and of course I'll put all the files in a collection also, I should have that done sometime this week, keep checking back on Mondays for your free files. If you know of a overlay I've made and you want the files for it, send me a e-mail, I'll let you know if I have them all converted and ready to go, or if not I'll put that one next on my list.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Free File Monday

I've decided to give away the free file every Monday for a while at least, between life and what I have to do to keep up with my files on Paperthreads and my website, I only have time to do one a week. That gives you a chance to see what type of work I do, and it's fun to make them. If you have any files you'd like to see, be sure and post to my blog, I don't know you want something unless you tell me, also I like posting good quotes I find, be sure and post your favorite quote.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


If you didn't know I'm a designer at Paperthreads also. I'm working on getting a lot of my files either deleted or converted to all file types, I like working there because once I upload the files Michelle does all the work in selling them, I get a lot of support from the other designers, and it's another venue to show my work. I also like being able to offer just one file at a time, some people don't want the whole collection, so if there is a file you want and don't want the whole thing, don't be afraid to ask. I can upload it to Paperthreads and you can buy it from me there. Plus there is just about any type of file you could want between me and the other designers. I'm working on getting my 12x12 overlay files converted to all file types and then uploading them to Paperthreads, I'll announce it when I do that.
I'm also in the process of revamping my website, there will be some exciting changes coming that you will love. I'll keep you posted.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


As most of you know Wednesday is my play date with my friends, today we went out to eat at O'Charley's, it's getting pricey, then we went to Memories in Bloom, I got a few pirate things for my trip to Jamaica, we saw the pirate caves and graveyard. I worked on finishing up some titles and journaling from the pages I worked on this weekend. I had one personal e-mail where someone asked what they had to do to get my free files. All you have to do is come to my blog and get them, ANYONE can get my free files, I have no restrictions on that.

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Monday, April 7, 2008


No work for me today, I went shopping this morning at Aldi's they have herring in mushroom cream in stock and if I didn't get it this morning it would have been gone, they only get this in twice a year, and it's gone in a day. I got 30 cans of it, that should last me til fall or next year. I also went to lunch at Red Lobster with one of my best friends, and then came home and took a nap, still tired from this weekend, then my grandson came to visit, his mom and dad are going to a concert tonight so I get to babysit, he's sleeping now so I can get a little work done.

Babies are Gods way of saying life should go on

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday night

It is late Sunday night here, well late for me, since I've just got back from a weekend crop in Memphis area. I had a ball, the camp wasn't that great, but the friends, and the food, and the hostesses were great, if your reading,,,Thanks Debbie and Stephanie, you are the greatest!!! The only one missing from our Wednesday best friends group was Marla, who usually stays home with her twin boys, we missed ya!!

Here is your free Monday file, it is a title with a shadow, requested by Sharon, and I had thought I had already sent it to her. I've decided to put all my free files on my website, so this link will take you directly to my free file page, and you can then download all my free files if you missed any. They won't be taken down, you can get them whenever you want them.

Quote I borrowed from someone else (can't remember who, sorry)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday already?

I guess it's true, the older you get the faster time goes. I'm preparing for a crop weekend this week, I leave Thursday morning to go to Memphis area for a crop with some friends of mine, I've been busy cutting out overlays to sell there. I've also been trying to get some page kits done, so I have something to work with. Last weekend my husband and I bought a paper cabinet, the kind you see in scrapbook stores, he cut part of it down for me,(it was 6" tall) and put it by my window, the other part he's going to put above my klick-n-kut for paper that I use for my machine. I'll try to take some pictures of it and put it up next week. I'm not sure if I'm going to post again before I get back on Sunday, but be sure and look for a free file on Monday.

Happy April Fools Day!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Chick in egg

Here is the file I promised you in all file formats of .wpc, .gsd, .ai, and .knk, I will leave it up until next Monday and then I will replace it with a new free file. If you miss this file, I will put it up for sale in my store after that.


Friday, March 28, 2008


I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. I'm the worlds worst. How do I get things to slow down, I've had so much to do around my house and with my business, and friends. I can't seem to slow down. How did I work 40+ hours a week and fit all this stuff in. I sure didn't have as much fun, anyway, here is a breakdown of my week, Monday and Tuesday I designed files. Tuesday night I went to a class on Financial Peace University by David Ramsey. Wed morning I scrapped with my friends, yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on paper, and then went to our LSS and she asked me to teach a class earlier in the week, so I dropped of my samples and then she talked me into buying a paper cabinet they had in the back. My husband is going to "alter it" for me, it is 6" tall, he's going to cut it off at 4" and use the other 2 " next to my klic-n-kut for all the paper I use more freiquently for cutting. I promise on Sunday night I will upload the picture and the free files I promised of the easter chick, so when you log on Monday you can get it. I'm making myself a sticky note right now.


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday I scrapbooked with my friends, and then we went out to lunch. I finished buying my office chairs, went to talk to the manager at Hobby Lobby and then watched my new movie Enchanted. It was a very sweet movie, if you like snow white, cinderella and sleeping beauty you will love this one, lots of singing, animals being sweet, and postitive thoughts. It is definately a girls movie.

Today I am cleaning up my scrap room, my dh needs to finish up some small things in here, and he said he wouldn't start unless my room was clean and stuff put away, so I need to do that, and on Saturday I'm going to a Red Hat crop, so I won't be posting again until Monday, and I'll go ahead and post my baby chick card files for free that day, so be sure and check back on Monday.

Til next week,

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Card

Yesterday I designed and cut out my easter card, I'll post that picture later today if I can get a good picture of it. I'm going to get them done and mailed by Wed. I also designed another overlay to sell, it is pictured to the left side. Buying some office chairs at Office Depot, they are on sale for $39.99 from 99.99 and I have a extra $10 off, I am planning on getting 4 of them for my friends to scrapbook at my house.

Monday, March 17, 2008

phasing out wishblade only collections

I'm going to phase out old collections, that are only wishblade files, takes
me way to long to get them converted and then I'm not really happy with the
way they convert. I'll sell the CD's for $6.00 each, that includes shipping,
these all are only wishblade files.

Heritage Designs,,,I have 7 left
Paper Flowers 2
Doodles and swoopies 5
Fall holidays 6
Winter Holidays 1
Christmas Ornaments 2
Fall Designs 11

And these have been converted, but I have these CD's left for wishblade or
pazzle files only
Red Hat Designs wishblade and pazzles 1
Calendar Cuts wishblade 1

I'm going to put them up on Ebay on Wed, so first come first serve. I will
no longer sell those files once the CD's are gone.
e-mail me,,,,akadi14@aol.com

New Week

Good Morning, I played all weekend, and decided to cut some overlays out and sell them. My biggest problem is shipping, since they are 12"x12" I have to use a big box. So I've decided to ask $4.95 shipping no matter how many you order. I will sell these for $4.99 each and you will have a few color choices. Here are the first ones I've designed this past weekend.

Let me know what you think.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Thumbnails to March Auto-ship Collection

This will be mailed out tomorrow to all that are on my auto-ship list. If you want to buy this Collection, it will be available on April 1st, if you want to pre-order it, just give me a e-mail and let me know.

oops, forgot yesterday

I got so busy yesterday I completely forgot to post, sorry about that. I helped my daughter move out, she found a apartment she'll be happy with, and her and her dog moved out, 2 down and 2 to go. I had a request for a quilt layout and I made this Christmas Star to work with a 12x12 layout. I had a Stampin Up meeting last night that I went to, and we made a wonderful layout, I'll post it as soon as I get pictures on it. I've posted the picture of the Christmas Star, if your interested in getting a free pattern, just let me know, if I get enough requests I'll post it here on Monday.

Til next week,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wed is scrap friends day

On Wednesdays I meet with several other friends to scrapbook together. We support each other, give each other advise and also scrapbook together. Sometimes we eat out for lunch, other times we just go our own seperate ways. It sure has grown since we started it with just 3 of us. They also brainstorm to help me figure out what I should work on next for my cutter files, 2 of them have wishblades, and that helps me a lot.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March's Auto-ship

I am getting over a chest cold, still coughing, but have gotten this month auto-ship designed, it is being test cut now, and then I'll convert it to all file types, so it will be ready to be mailed out on Saturday. Below is a layout that was made using part of the files in that collection by my friend Jessica. It is called Winter Holiday Words, you'll get over 30 files, plus some bonus words for winter. They are in all different fonts, I've also included a card shape and files to make several different cards. If you don't belong to my auto-ship, it is a 6 month plan for $60.00, you get 30+ files each month plus 5 bonus files that not one else gets. Let me know if your interested and I'll sign you up.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Worlds worst blogger

I just read Michelle's blog and she said she was the worst blogger, I may argue with her on that. I know I should post something everyday, there is so much going on with the files I'm working on and dreaming up in my head, so I'm going to try to do this. Everyday Mon - Fri, I'm going to try to post, even if it's short, and let you all know what I'm working on, or not working one . Please do comment for me, I do read them and that keeps me going to know if my blog is being read or not. Let me know if you like or don't like what I'm doing with my files, I can take constructive critisism. I'll post a picture tomorrow.
Til then,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Caribbean Cruise

I have the Collection for my Caribbean Cruise ready to be e-mailed or put on CD and mailed out, until the 15th of March I will be selling this for $25.00 to celebrate the awesome cruise I just went on and met IRL some fabulous women and friends. After the 15th it will go to regular price which is $30.00 plus if you want shipping add $2.00. It has a lot of the excursions that you can go on in Jamaica and Cayman Islands, but can be used for other trips, it has titles and graphics for Margarittaville, Butterfly farm, dolphins, swimming with stingrays, pirate stuff. 145 files of 8"x 8" overlays (which can be resized to 12"x 12", directions how to included), titles, and several of the pictures and paper piecings that pertain to excursions, sailing, cruising, going to the beach and just plain playing. Just e-mail me and let me know you want in on the special price. Several that went on the cruise took my class, ask them, they got a copy of the CD with 145 files.



Friday, March 7, 2008

Back in time for snow and ice

Well we drove back from Ft Lauderdale today, it ended up being a 16 hour drive, so it was long, but we were anxious to get back home to kids and dogs. My class was well recieved, and I had a ball meeting all the Cutter Cruise attendees, I don't think there was one person there I didn't have a great time with. I learned a lot in Sandy's classes, and doing the Make-n-takes with Michelle, if you dont' get a chance to take a class from Sandy, then by all means buy her video's, she is a wonderful teacher. To those of you I didn't see one last time to say goodbye, I'm airmailing you a hug. Good meeting you all.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting ready for cruise

I'm going on the Cutter Cruise that is March 1st so the date is coming fast. I'm teaching a class on overlays there, so I'm trying to get them ready and make a collection of 8x8 overlays, title and designs that will be given with the class. I'm amazed at how many of them I've already done, pretty much what it's going to be, I have around 60 overlays, 46 titles and borders and 20 or so graphic designs that will be in this collection, it will go on sale after the cruise, for 2 weeks it will be $25.00 then after that the price will be $30.00, I think that's an awesome price considering how much will be on it.
I'm testing out a new Camera that I just bought at Office Depot, it is a Kodak Easyshare Z1285, see it here.

It has 12mp and the guy at the store said it was a must have, I'll put my review of the camera in my blog in the next few days.

I need to do my taxes, so I'll post more later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where has the week gone

This week is halfway over with, where has the time gone. I've finished my auto-ship for this month, CD's are burned, addressed and stamped waiting for the 15th. I've zipped the ones that are to be e-mailed.
Next months auto-ship is going to be winter holidays, 1st of the year, Valentines day and St Patty's day, the files from my Valentines card will be included in that collection.
It's snowing today, schools are closed, this is our 2nd snow of the year, we live in Northern middle TN and we don't get snow often, need to go out and take pictures. How about if I make all my files and collections 25% off today, just e-mail me and let me know what you want and that you read it on my blog, this does not include the auto-ship club.


Monday, February 4, 2008


I went to a crop called Craft-n-camp this past weekend, it started where they unloaded your car for you and put it at your table, this type of treatment continued all weekend, I felt really special. They cooked for us, emptied our garbage, gave us little treats all weekend, it was wonderful. They have this crop twice a year, and I'm already signed up for September. Several of my friends went too and it was fun. I got a lot of baby pages done, and pre-planned several other pages. I love going away with my friends, and then when I came home, my family had missed me and I felt so loved. Isn't life wonderful?
Hope your weekend was as great as mine,

Thursday, January 31, 2008

When am I not busy?

I seem to be doing something all the time, yesterday morning I scrapped with my best friends that live in town and went to lunch with yet another friend, then today we are going to one of my friends church to scrapbook all day, tomorrow I'm meeting my Nashville best friends and we are going shopping out to lunch and then to the weekend crop we are going to. I've been spending time cutting out overlays and titles, to try to sell, I'm also going to donate some for the door prize. I expecting to make some money, my New Years Resolution is to pay off my Master card, I'll probably have it paid in 3 months, but we are going on a cruise first of March, so it may take a little longer than 3, anyway, it was a long time coming, but that's my resolution.
Have a great weekend,

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentines Card

Here is a copy of what my Valentines cards are going to look like, so if you know me personally "don't look". I always make extra's so I can swap them with my Red Hat Ladies. I'm going to be slowly posting this week and next, I'm getting ready for a weekend crop this weekend and a day crop the next weekend, the second one is in KY and is a good place to sell stuff, so I've been busy cutting out overlays and titles to take and sell there.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


I wish everyone had enough money to be able to keep their cars up and running right, I take in my car and change the oil every 3 months, they let me know if something is wrong, leaking,low on air, ect..My kids on the other hand, don't do anything til the car is on it's last leg, then they call Momma, well the money train is closed, I can't afford my kids anymore. Son's car is in the shop and now father in law is paying for it, he's going to try to get his other car working this weekend. I am always the taxi driver. Have to pick him up from work, Zach from babysitter, and take him home which is a 45 minute trip from the babysitters, so I'll be gone 2 hours round trip. Wheww, hope the car gets fixed soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yesterday I got to watch my grandson, the babysitters were full for morning hours, and my son and my dil worked 1st shift instead of 2nd. He was full of smiles and coo's, he was so cute. We did a small photo shoot, he didn't want to get posed too many ways though and he really hates being on his stomach. Then I realized it was his 2 month birthday, I'm taking my friends advise and taking a picture of him in his carseat each month to see how much he grows.
Have a great day!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Customer Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, Paperthreads is introducing a new designer to our team, in addition to that we have decided to make it customer appreciation day, for tomorrow only a large variety of our downloadable files will be 50% off regular price, there will also be games, prizes and challenges in the forums, but sure and at least check it out.


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well I had a lazy day here today, I watched TV most of the day with my puppy in my lap sleeping, well he's not a puppy anymore, but he still looks like he is, he's a long hair Chihuahua and he has a very baby face. I think he likes to get away from the other dogs, we have 2 more and my daughter has her's here to. I watched the Hallmark channel most of the day, it had some pretty good movies I haven't seen before. Tonight we ordered Chinese food and my daughters boyfriend and my son's girlfriend came over and are visiting with us, I may not post tomorrow, I took this weekend off from my files.
Have a great weekend,
p.s. Thanks to all who e-mailed me to order CD's

Friday, January 18, 2008


You should be able to see all the files on my "Get rid of clutter" CD Sale on my website, just don't order there, you'll need to send me an e-mail letting me know what you want, and I'll send you a paypal invoice.

Getting rid of some CD's

Busy day yesterday, I got my auto-ship finished and mailed out, I went to a BSA meeting with my hubby, boring, but I only went to ride along with him, it was a hour away. Then by the time we got home, I watched CSI (taped it) and went to bed. Today promises to be a good day, it's Friday, I've promised myself to do some cleanup work on posting files and going to put some on sale at e-bay, I have soooo many CD's here (I think they are multiplying at night) I need to get rid of some of them, since mostly people want e-mailed files. So if you see any titles you'd want, I'll will sell them for $7.50 and free shipping, but you'll have to take the CD itself. Here is the list, I'm putting whatever I don't sell on Ebay on Sunday, so e-mail me with what you want and I'll send you a paypal request. akadi14@aol.com
Wedding Words-vol 2--all file types
Birthday Designs--all file types
Fair and Carnival Designs--all file types
descriptive monograms--all file types
Patriotic Summer--all file types
Scrpabooking Designs--all file types
Scrapbooking Sayings--all file types
Calendar cuts-all file types
Groovy 70's--al file types
Fall Designs--only gsd
Fall Holidays--only gsd
These have been converted, but still have CD's left wit only gsd or wpc files $5. each and no shipping
Calendar Cuts-only gsd's
Children Playing--only gsd and .wpc
Fair and Carnival--only gsd and wpc
fall sayings -- only gsd

Thanks and be sure and e-mail me what you want.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I forgot to post yesterday. It was so crazy all day long. On Wenesday mornings I scrapbook with my friends and I try not to miss it if I anyway can help it. It is so much fun to get together with them once a week, our group is slowly growing too. There was only 3 of us to begin with and now there are up to 6 when everyone shows up. We are going to meet at my house soon as my hubby builds me a big table, I want a 5'x 8' table built in my scrapbook room, he's going to attach one end to the wall and the other end will just have the 2 legs on the very edge of the table, so there will be no hit knees. The rest of the day I worked on my auto-ship, it is almost ready, just need to delete a file and put a few notes on it. It will go out today!!!

Have a great day,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've found it's better for me to post in the mornings, so here I am, sitting in my jammies, drinking my coffee and wiping the sleep from my eyes. I worked on my Zoo collection yesterday, it is for the Auto-ship club which is due out the 15-20th and I have always gotten it done by the 15th, but some circumstances in the past week have caused me to be a bit behind, so it's possible it may not be finished until tomorrow. I have it designed, and am just doing the test cuts now, so once I finish the test cuts, I can go through make sure all the files are the same in each section for illustrator, klick-n-kut, wishblade and pazzles, then make a screen shot of the all the black and white jpgs. Sometimes it gets very boring, don't get me wrong, I love designing the files, it's the convering to all file types, cleaning everything up, making sure it cuts right, that's the part that gets tedious.
Love to all my cutter nuts,

Monday, January 14, 2008

2 Exciting Announcements

The first one, is you really want to subscribe to Paperthreads newsletter for this month, I've written a "how to" in it on embellishing overlays. I also have a free overlay for you to download, but only if you get the newsletter. To sign up, go to the link at the bottom of my blog. The second one is something big is happening at Paperthreads on the 21st, you really want to check in here to find out what it is. I've been sworn to secrecy and cannot say a word until the 21st of Jan, so be sure and check back.
I'm going to try to post something everyday this week and see how it goes, I get busy and things I should remember fall out of my brain and I can't find them again.

Until tomorrow, hopefully :),

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Sunday

I had a very good day today, my husband was in a cleaning mood, and we cleaned out closets, corners of the room, boxes of stuff, ect. Our garbage cans are full and our garbage is not going to be picked up until Friday, I think we really "cleaned house". I didn't get to work on any of my files, but the ideas will still be there tomorrow. Yesterday I went to a Red Hat Meeting and most of my best friends were there. I had a wonderful day scrapbooking and chatting with them, so naturally I got no files done yesterday either, I'm going to have to work hard on Monday and Tuesday to get my auto-ship files out on time. It is Zoo related and I have some neat files in it, a giraffe that is very detailed, your going to want it.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Sorry for not posting more often

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for not posting more often, I've been working like crazy trying to get my auto-ship ready for the 15th, this month I'm doing Zoo animals, and think I have all the designs ready to go, but now I need to test cut them all and embellish some of them for show. Then I'll zip them up and have them ready to send out. I'm going to a Red Hat Crop tomorrow so I was trying to get some stuff ready to work on, not doing well with that, since my brain was consumed with the auto-ship files. I'm also cutting overlays that I sell to a local store and got another order for some yesterday, so between that and keeping my house clean, I'm keeping pretty busy. Here is a overlay that Barbie did for me that I will put on my website sometime the first of the week to sell.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Selling cut out overlays

I have just finished designing overlays for the local schools, I'm going to cut out about 5 of each and see if they sell at our local scrapbook store. The manager of the store also wanted the dollhouse, so I cut out 2 of them and decided maybe I could try to sell them on-line also. I have the 2 page train cut out, which is picured on Dec 21st blog, the teddy and a 2 page rubber duck layout. If you'd like to purchase a overlay (these are not embellished) for one the price is $4.99 and for 2 like the 2 page train, duck, dollhouse, ect, the price is $8.99, shipping would be a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $8.00, depending on how many you buy. You will pay exact shipping. E-mail me if you have any questions, at Akadi14@aol.com.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a happier year than they did last year. I hope our truck will last until we can save some money to buy a new one, my husbands truck was put in the shop yesterday and $400 later we were told it was on it's last leg, it could last 3 days it could last 3 months, since I don't work we can't afford another car payment right now, so we have resorted to praying. I know it will all work out one way or the other. Last night I went to our local scrapbook store and scrapped for a little while, I worked on this doll house, I think it turned out pretty good, but now that it's done I might have used something clear behind the windows so you could see a picture back there. Let me know what you think.