Monday, May 19, 2008

Free File Monday

I posted the file Butterflies for Hope, my neices name is Hope and I did a page where a butterfly chased her around all day long, it tickled her because she loves butterflies, and it kept landing on her arms and fingers, so she showed everyone. I'll have to post that layout someday so you can see it. My winning layout from the Red Hat crop is posted on Sat. May 10 post, in case you wanted to see it. Enjoy the file.



debenj said...

Thank you Diana! I love the name of the file "Butterflies for Hope" Butterflies are beautiful, carefree and to me they symbolize life. Cute story behind the butterfly file and look forward to seeing the layout with Hope and her little friends. Thank you for sharing!

Lisa said...

MY little one is always buying butterfly stickers to use on her LO's. These are cute, she will love using these! Thanks!