Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Files

Anyone that signs up to my Membership Club at Paperthreads will get over 20 files for $10, plus if you sign up between now and the middle of January I'll also throw in my Christmas Poinsettias valued at $7.50. Just e-mail me your confirmation notice and I'll e-mail you the poinsettia's files for free.

Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get the free file

I hope you all are having a great holiday season. My kitchen is at a stand still right now, we ran out of money. I had a few things I had to buy that we did not budget in, and a few things that cost more than we budgeted, so we are hoping to have the rest of the money saved by spring. We still need to buy 2 lazy susan carousels and 2 spice racks, all the handles for the cabinets and the wood for the china cabinet. If you want you can help me.....I really want more to join my membership club, there are a lot of great files in that club over 20 right now and I'm only 1/2 way done!!! This is a great deal for only $10.00, and to get you in the giving mood, I'm giving away a file today, this is something I use all the time, I have the scalloped circle punch by Stamping Up and I wanted one a little bigger to frame it with, see the card..I'm making this for a Christmas present for one of my sister-in-law's (if your reading this Lori forget it)

If you like the file and want to donate to my cause "Cause my kitchen isn't finished yet", click on the link to the left and sign up for the membership club. Thank you in advance for even considering this.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Girl with Poodle

Here is another file I'm offering in my membership club, wheww I'm so busy trying to get membership files up, finishing up Christmas Presents and making Christmas Cookies. Done with the fudge, and it's yummy (so my son says).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Files for Membership Club

Here is a girl with her dog, I also have a poodle that I'll be sharing in a day or so, I'm going to upload both these files to the Membership club, see the link at the right to sign up, this club lasts until the end of January.


Monday, November 29, 2010

21st birthday

I finally finished the layout for my son's 21st birthday. I added the files to my Membership club, you get balloons, shot glass, cupcake scalloped edge (you have to look hard to see it, it's light green) and several words, Happy Birthday, Dinner, Bottoms up, 16th, 21st, 30th, 50th and Happy Birthday in a border. My membership club is a great value for $10, already there are 29 files up and I'm not even half way through. Click on the link at the side to sign up and join the fun.

This month I was so busy, I had my brothers birthday on the 13th, mine on the 17th, my dil's on the 19th and my grandson's was the 21st, we are full of November babies. Next month I have 2 more birthday's. I'm making a lot of my Christmas presents again this year, how about you? Are you putting your love into everything you give this year, because that was the first Christmas Present. Have a wonderful week.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Card Challenges

I'm doing one of the 20 challenges on Paperthreads today, every day there is a new challenge, some of them are really cool, several of the Paperthreads Designers are participating so you get a lot of ideas on making your Christmas Cards. Here is one of the cards I'm showcasing, and of course the link so you can check it out yourself.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Membership sneak peak

Today is the first day of my membership club at Paperthreads, I'm so excited. I'm working on some files right now to post within a week, I just have to convert them over, here is a sample of two of the files.

I actually had a franic week, with my Klick-n-kut, my x and y settings doubled so everthing I was cutting was twice as big. I had to hold the buttons down to change the numbers, which took about 2 hours,,eek, but it was better than shipping the KNK back to the company to fix it for me, keep your fingers crossed the settings don't change again.

Keep checking my blog, I'm actually going to post a free file later on this week.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Cards for Soldiers

Just a reminder that I do collect cards for soldiers. A friend of mine and myself ship cards over to Iraq and Afghanistan to our soldiers that are serving our country away from home. They don't have a large selection of cards in their PX so we send cards to the Chaplain and he distributes them among the troops. We make celebration cards, birthday, congrats, and way to go, also holiday cards and just "A note to say Hi" cards, we also collect the fronts of cards, cardstock, envelopes and if you want cash to help us ship them to the soldiers. If you would like to donate handmade cards, send me an e-mail and I'll send you my shipping address.
Thanks for any help you can give us.

Friday, October 22, 2010

So Excited

I'm going to be the hostess for the Membership club for the next 3 months starting in November, I have tons of ideas, now that I have my machine, I'm ready to go. For only $10.00 you get at least 20 files, I'm sure I'll put up more than 20, over a 3 month period to use for cards or scrapbooking. These are brand new files that have not been in the store before. You can go now and sign up for it, here is the link. I'm also going to be putting it to the left of this message.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trace Creek

I'm going to Trace Creek again this weekend for a crop. I'm setting up as a vendor, hoping to get some roses cut out to sell. Have I mentioned how I love my klick-n-kut, now that I have one back?

Kitchen update: Purchased and installed a new ceiling fan, installed base cabinets so we are ready for the granite, which will be installed next tuesday. Sanded and painted the hall walls, sealed the grout in the hall. Slowly but surely coming along.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

TAC Halloween Card

I made this halloween card last year with scraps of paper I had and The Angel Company Stamp set called Halloween boys. It has been discontinued, but is still available for a short time.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a procrastinator

Yes, I admit it, I wait until the last minute for just about everything. My friends say I'm organized and on time, but they don't see what happens when they are not looking. I appear to be organized, and I arrive on time (panting and sweating). I've found if I have several things I need to do and I write a list, I find I'm more able to finish those chores if I see the satisfaction of marking off finished items. Today I need a list!

Kitchen is at a standstill, hubby is working 12 hour shifts for a week and a half, and he is dragging when he comes home, plus it gets dark soon after that and he can't see the cabinets to work on them.

Klick n kut is hooked up, but not working I have to call and get help to get it working. (one of those things on my list)

Tried a new recipe this week, it is really good, but only if you like leeks. It is called Pasta with brueshetta and leeks
above link for the recipe.
I used bacon instead of bruechetta, and a different white wine than she suggested, but it did turn out awesome, everyone else in the house turned up their nose, but they don't like the onion flavor, I do, and it does have a onion flavor to it, milder, but still oniony. (is that a word?)

I'm putting blogging on my list.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back from vacation

Well I'm back safe and sound, we ended up in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, we went to Montpelier, which was James Madison's home, and we went to a couple of wineries, we mostly ate, we had good luck with the food.

My house is a mess!!!! I have boxes everywhere, I can see getting tired of this quickly, good thing I was gone all week. They are putting the floor down today and probably not finishing, hubby goes back to work tomorrow, so it will be even slower going.

I'll post pictures from my trip soon.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen update

Well, my kitchen looks a mess right now, they have ripped off the walls, floors and cabinets, and have started putting up sheet rock. About 1/2 the ceiling is scraped. I'm going to the dump today, then I'm going to pack and leave for my trip. My KNK came and it's lonesome still in it's box. Hopefully I'll have time to hook it up next week.
I've made another card for a TAC swap I'm in, I hope they like it, I had to make 61 of these cards, so if your in this swap you get a sneak peak, I'm mailing them out today.

Here is the directions on how to make this card. Technique is Watercolor Stamping. Using Watercolor paper I inked the stamp "watercolor plants" (any solid stamp will work) with red and green ink, I used distress inks, but any water soluble ink or marker will work. Then I sprayed the stamp with water, stamped the center image, and the one on the right, then I sprayed water again and stamped the one on the right, let dry. I used Versamark and a stamp from "Happily Grateful" for the background, sentiment is from "Happily Grateful" using Palette Ink Burnt Umber, then I inked the card and around the watercolor paper with burnt umber and a sponge.

Have a great week,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new KNK

I got word that it's being delivered by Fed Ex TODAY, how excited am I. Course it couldn't have come at a busier time, I'm demo'ing my kitchen/dining room/hall this week, and next week my husband is putting in tile floors, sheet rock, (we have paneling now that is coming down) painting the walls and ceiling (we have popcorn now we are scraping that off) installing new cabinets (he's building them now), and I'll be on vacation with a friend of mine in Virginia. My brother is coming to help him do the new work, I've been emptying cabinets, china cabinet and taking stuff off walls all this week. He's hoping to have the walls done, tile laid and some of the base cabinets done by the time I get back. I'm doing the kitchen tuscan style since my husband dabbles in making wine. The wood is a very dark brown on my new kitchen table and we are making the cabinets to match, my walls will be pale yellow with hints of white to look like stucco, the countertop is black,brown,beige granite, the floor is a light cream with some darker brown in it. If you've read this long, we are giving my china cabinet to my son (husband is making another to match my cabinets) and the kitchen table is being given to someone who needs one. If anyone is interested I'll post pictures of before and after.
I won't be posting next week, since I'll be in virginia with my friend, have a great week.


Friday, September 10, 2010

New Card

It was pointed out to me that I haven't posted in a while, and I'm sorry for that, I'm working on swaps right now, here is one card for a swap I'm doing, it looks too simple to me for some reason, but it did take a while to make. I used watercolor paper, stamped the blossom with versamark and embossed it in gold. Then watercolored it with my waterbrush. I used the Blossoms and Blessings stamp set from TAC and I used the leaves from Happily Grateful for the background. Let me know what you think, or if I need to add anything.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still working

On converting SVG's and new files, I took a break and created several new files, but since I can't cut them out, I can't convert them or upload them, so I'm waiting til the Klicknkut gets sent to me, I hope it's not long I've been without it for almost 3 months not, I'm going nuts, I have so much I want to cut out. I'm afraid I'll burn it up the first week with as much as I'm going to be using it. I have mostly all my files converted to all files except for a few overlays and the state overlays, I feel the end coming, I'll post in a couple of more days which ones I have finished and ready to purchase.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

More SVG's

DW00038 Scrapbook Designs
DW00039 Scrapbook Sayings
DW00040 Mega Scrapbook
DW00253 New Years Overlay
DW00202 Pirates
DW00077 Rubber Duck Ovelays
DW00102 Snowman Overlay
DW00205 Statue of Liberty

I found a couple of file collections that are still only gsd files, that is a lot more work to convert, but I'm working on those also. Here is a picture of the Scrapbook Designs.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Updated files

I've done some more SVG files, here is the list of new ones.

DW00114 Dreams and Morning Glories
DW00253 Elegant Circle Overlay
DW00206 Grapes and Jazz
DW00256 Hearts Overlay
DW00103 I wasn't Born a Princess Overlay
DW00206 Jungle Layout
DW00100 Little girls are like Butterflies Overlay
DW00037 Love and Marraige Collection

Do you want me to keep listing these, I just want to make sure someone is interested, Let me know, here is a picture of the Grapes and Jazz Layout.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

More SVG files

Here is an update of more I've added SVG files too, and remember if you want to purchase any files that are not converted, let me know and I'll put those next on my list to convert.

Back to School DW00228
Be Mine DW00026
Choo Choo Overlay DW00083
Christmas Poinsettia Overlay DW00109
Circle Overlay DW00249
Crocus Overlay DW00255
Curly Overlay DW00252
First Christmas DW00259


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SVG files added to existing files

Here is a list of the files I added SVG to today.
2 page Zoo overlay DW00237
4 Cats overlay DW00236
4 Dogs Overlay DW00109
2 page giraffee overlay DW00235
Mom-n-me DW00261
Paw Print Overlay DW00105
Best Friends Overlay DW00106
Dog Border overlay DW00201
My dog isn't spoiled overlay DW00200

Here are some that I found that only had GSD files, I uploaded all file typ[es
Fall Sayings DW00018
Doodles and Swoopies DW00011

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm listing some totally new files, here's a sneak peek....


New Lacy Files

I uploaded some new files I had made that Caz graciously cut for me so I could get some new files up for you. Here is the whole collection.

You can either purchase the whole thing, or by pieces, I have it seperated in frames, corners, overlays and mats, here are some samples Caz did for me using those files.

Here is the link where you can purchase these items.
Diana's Designs

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Klick-n-kut

I've ordered my new Klick-n-kut, and my pazzles went out too, so I had to order another pazzles software, when it rains it pours, now I'm looking for the rainbow. I got to babysit my sweet Zoie today, she so warm and cuddly and makes such sweet kitten like sounds. I found my rainbow :) Life is good, will try to post more next week. I've decided to work on getting all my files converted over to SVG, I havent' finished them all yet, so I have my work cut out for me.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paperwings TAC Blog Hop

I'm in love with this vintage Santa set, as you can see I made several different cards all with that set. I even made a card box, below are the supplies I used, if you want to order anything I'm offering a free catalog with a $50 order, plus a free stamp just e-mail me at
I used a pattern from splitcoaststampers for the box, I inked the impessibilities snowflake and then embossed it for the top snowflakes, this box holds several cards and envelopes.

I used the top of the "free stamp" clamshell box to make this, you can use it as a to/from tag, as a tree ornament, or anything you want.

Supplies used out of the Angel Company Catalogs
Vintage Santa Stamp Set
Impressabilities Dies Snowflake
Nestabilities Dies Labels 1 $ Labels 4
Metallic mini brads
Scarlet, Black, Kraft and Ivory Ultrasmooth Cardstock
Palette Black and Burnt Sienna Ink
Reece soar with it collection
Hop on over to the other Angel Company Blogs...
Diane H
Rita W

Blog Candy winner

The winner is Anna who posted on 7/24. Anna, e-mail me your name and address and I'll get the stamps out to you,


Saturday, July 24, 2010

My files are 50percent off

Don't forget my files at paperthreads are on sale all weekend

Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas in July

This weekend, I will be selling my files at Paperthreads for 50% off.
I will also be offering a poinsettia file for free on my blog.
I will be giving away a stamp set at 5pm cst Sunday from posts to my blog this week.
On Sunday at 8:00pm cst I'm participating in a Angel Company Blog Hop
My Grandaughter is due on Sunday at around 10:00, she's coming by c-section.
This will be a very exciting weekend.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need help

I have one design team member, I need a couple more, I need someone to test cut for me, and to make items (cards, scrapbook pages, or altered items) with my designs. You can work at your own pace. E-mail me samples of your work and what type of machine you use at

I'm also going to be having a sale this weekend at paperthreads on my files and I need anyone that ever wanted one of my files to buy from me, it will help me out in buying a new KNK sooner and it will help you out since my files will be 50% off. Go and decide what you want to buy now, and then check out on the weekend. Check back here too, I may have a free file for you.

I'm really bummed and having bad withdrawls from cutting. I think I need a 12 step program, not cold turkey. I've already been without my KNK for a couple of months and I need a new one badly. Am I pathetic or what?

Oh, here's some blog candy I'll be giving out on Sunday at 5:00 cst, for anyone that comments and leaves their e-mail address on my blog, or if you don't want to leave your e-mail address, check be on Sunday and see if you've won.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My KNK bit the dust

Well it's official, My KNK needs to be replaced. I did every test I could and even tried to cut with it from my laptop, my husband asked if he could fiddle with it, bless his heart, but it's dead, so now I have to save up for a new one, my husband has some dental work that needs to be done and that comes first, he's already working overtime for that. I'm seriously considering trying to find a job outside the home, I'm going to miss designing files, but I have no way of testing them, so I'll probably concentrate on my stamping and personal scrapbooking. I'll try to kepe up with my blog better, but without designing files, my mojo has been seriously depleted.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up to 75% off

I have a lot of CD's here that I burned for my ebay sales, and I am going to retire some of my files, so I decided to sell them at a great discount, none of these files include SVG format, but they do include AI, WPC, GSD and KNK files, the first set I'm going to sell is called wedding words, I have 3 sets of these, set 1 is before the wedding, set 2 is during the wedding, and set 3 is after the wedding, if you ever need to do a wedding album, these are perfect for the whole thing, mostly are words, but there are some that have graphics in with the words, below is a sample of the wedding words volume 2, each collection has between 70 and 88 images, they normally sell for $20 each, but I'm selling them now for $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping, I only have 5 of each CD and when they are gone, I'm not burning anymore. If you want to see thumbnails of each e-mail me and I'll send them to you at

Also on sale, CD's only shipping included, files are GSD, AI, WPC and KNK
Scrapbooking Words Mega CD - 74 files - regular price $20.00 - sale price $5.00 + $2.00 shipping
12x12 Calendar overlays - 30+ files - regular price $20.00- sale price $5.00 + $2.00 shipping, $1.00 for each additional CD
The following have 30 to 40 files and are regular $10.99 sale $3.00 + $2.00 shipping
Patriotic Summer
Heritage Designs
Pets Collection
Calendar Cuts
Groovy 70's
Birthday Designs
Baby Collection
Zoo Collection
Tropical Summer Designs
Fall Sayings
Red Hat
Love and Marriage
GSD FILES ONLY also on sale for $3.00
Christmas Ornaments
Fall Designs
Paper Flowers
Fall Holidays
Doodles and Swoopies

here are thumbnails for the sports CD

Happy Shopping,

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm still around

I'm trying to reformat my main computer and it came up with a error, so it may take me a while to get it resolved, so for now I'm on my laptop which also needs to be reformated. Arrgg, why does this always happen to me?


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Angel Company Layout

Here is a layout I did for the gals in my Stampers club. I did copy this from another Angel but don't remember her name, I just remembered I loved the colors she used so I copied it. My Stamper Gals purchase a minumum of $25 each month in stamps and paper for 6 months, and they get one month hostess benefits and free catalog and any page kits I make for them, this month I made a 2 page layout. I used a retired stamp set Flutterby and a 2 stamp sets that are available this month with a minimum $30 in purchase. Life so Big and Found Joy,

the Paper is called Amberly Grace from The Angel Company, contact me for ordering information. If you place a $25 order from me, I'll send a catalog with your first order. If you join my stampers club you'll get all the benefits described above.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm back

I hope, I need to reformat my computer and I'm procrastinating, I hate reloading all the programs back in. I've been working a little on some new files, and making some baby pages for my DIL's shower gift. She's due July 25th and having a girl,so I'm making her some premade pages, I'll share those in the next few days. Here is a picture of some files I'm working on that Caz cut for me.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paper for flowers

I got several e-mails and messages asking about the papers I used in the above flowers. The flowers are laying on Amber Mica/Metallic, I used Fairway Mica/Metallic for the leaves and for the roses White gold, Rose Quartz and Kunzite Mica/Metallics and for the large white rose I used Vintage Silver Luster. All text weight paper from

More Roses

Here are some roses made by some of my readers, aren't they simply gorgeous? I'm leaving the free file and tutorial up through today due to begging and pleading, and I'm just a nice person too :). I'm hooked on these flowers, I'll have to make more soon. Well I made some yesterday for Paper Temptress out of her papers, look at how beautiful they turned out, no inks, sprays or anything, just her gorgeous papers. I did use all 4 of the paper roses in my Roses-n-more files so you can see the difference, I also used the leaf in my file.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Free File Wild Rose

Today only download the wild rose file and the tutorial for basic paper roses, tell all your friends, post it on message groups, your blogs, etc. Hope you all enjoy it, and if you your wanting more, because I know I did, Check out my 3 other roses and other flowers, I'll be posting more made with all these flowers as time goes on. I'm kinda hooked on the flowers now. :)
Have a blessed Easter Weekend, and enjoy the time with your families.

P.S. Jan won the contest I had, I only had 9 entries so Jan e-mail me with your e-mail address @

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

50th anniversary layout with roses

Here is the layout that I've done with the paper roses, if you look carefully you can see the words "I still love you" in the top left and bottom right corner of the photo, I used the daisies, roses, butterflies and 2 mats from my files, I also have a total of 4 rose petals,2 daisies, a mum and leaf in that collection, with a PDF of how to make a basic paper rose with a 6 petal flower. I already have them uploaded to paperthreads HERE , still planning on posting instructions and a free file on Friday.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Paper Roses

I've been surfing the web and seeing all the beautiful flowers that can be made out of paper, the layouts that use these flowers are just stunning. I really love Tim Holtz, I'm not quite as distressed as he is, but I'm a wanna be. I took a little of what Tim Holtz taught and a little of what the other blogs and video tutorials taught and created my own way. I actually taught this in a class at the crop this past weekend, and look what I made?

I'm really going to try to work hard, and get the tutorial written up and get the files made, I have several types of roses that I made and try to have it all ready by friday. I may even give out a free file of one of the roses, are you excited yet?? I'm also going to give away the whole file collection that I'm making it includes 4 types of rose petals, a large mat, 2 smaller mats and daisies, mums, leaves and of course the instructions for putting the roses together. All you have do to be entered in the drawing is .....
Make something out of one of my files and e-mail it to me 1 entry
If it's not a file I gave away free 1 additional entry
Make a comment on my blog 1 entry
follow me 2 entries
post to other blogs, websites, or egroups that I'm giving away blog candy, if someone beat you to the post as long as you respond on that same blog, website or e-group it counts 3 entries
e-mail or notify me when your making your comment and I'll put you in the drawing.
Hurry, friday will be here soon,

Friday, March 26, 2010

Eggstra Fun Layout

I CASED this layout from the last crop I attended, I think it turned out pretty good. I'm going to use this on my grandson's egg hunt pictures for this year. He's such a cutie, My son and him met me for lunch yesterday and he wanted to come home with me, so of course he did.
Have a great weekend, I know I will, going to Cadiz, KY for a crop, I'll see you there.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring time card using Butterflies files

Here is a card that was made by Caz using DW00241 Butterflies, notice how she cut them out of white and layered them on blue, it's a beautiful card.

Here are the files that you get with the Butterflies

I'm busy working on paper roses, I might even have a free file and link you to instructions on how to make them, they are beautiful when sprayed with glimmer mist, which is on sale at Paperthreads for a whopping 40% off.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Easter bunny page

Here is another page I scrapbooked where I used the bunny from my Spring Words Collection! which is on sale all month for 50% off. It is a very versitile collection as you see I used it scrapbooking, but it's great for cards.


Monday, March 8, 2010

2 simple layouts

This is a very simple layout I made for my husbands boyscout book I like the way it turned out and the feeling it gives.

Here is one where I used a transparency overlay and the Bountiful Bears from a Angel Company set. Simple, but sweet.

Have a great day,

Easter Layout

Here is the layout I did with some of the Spring Words Collection! this is the Easter part, You've seen the St Patty's Day samples already, I'm also going to show you the Easter Sunday samples in the next couple of weeks. Remember these are on sale all month 50% off.

Hope you have a great week,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Here are 2 more pages that Caz has made for us to see. All the wording is from my Spring Words Collection! I just love that shamrock border, which is also in this collection, Easter samples will be next, so keep checking.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Holiday Words Special this month

This month I'm going to put mySpring Words Collection! on sale 50% off, ALL month long I'll aso show some ideas on how to use that collection. Whenever I've sold 5 of these collection on paperthreads I'll give away the shamrock border on my blog, the collection is only $5.50 for this month, so grab it before you forget. Here is a page Caz did using my shamrock border and one of the titles in that collection

I just love this card, all the designs are made to be used with cards as well as scrapbook pages.

I'll have more pages to show on Friday.