Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen update

Well, my kitchen looks a mess right now, they have ripped off the walls, floors and cabinets, and have started putting up sheet rock. About 1/2 the ceiling is scraped. I'm going to the dump today, then I'm going to pack and leave for my trip. My KNK came and it's lonesome still in it's box. Hopefully I'll have time to hook it up next week.
I've made another card for a TAC swap I'm in, I hope they like it, I had to make 61 of these cards, so if your in this swap you get a sneak peak, I'm mailing them out today.

Here is the directions on how to make this card. Technique is Watercolor Stamping. Using Watercolor paper I inked the stamp "watercolor plants" (any solid stamp will work) with red and green ink, I used distress inks, but any water soluble ink or marker will work. Then I sprayed the stamp with water, stamped the center image, and the one on the right, then I sprayed water again and stamped the one on the right, let dry. I used Versamark and a stamp from "Happily Grateful" for the background, sentiment is from "Happily Grateful" using Palette Ink Burnt Umber, then I inked the card and around the watercolor paper with burnt umber and a sponge.

Have a great week,

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Anna said...

Beautiful card...I feel for you with the remodeling. I hope it gets finished soon. We have been remodeling our whole house for a couple years now and have one room just about finished...I've learn to live with it since Hubby is doing it my himself.
Oh and I got the stamp set in the mail the other day. I am so sorry I didn't get back to you. I looked and I did not see another set like it. Thank you so much.