Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still working

On converting SVG's and new files, I took a break and created several new files, but since I can't cut them out, I can't convert them or upload them, so I'm waiting til the Klicknkut gets sent to me, I hope it's not long I've been without it for almost 3 months not, I'm going nuts, I have so much I want to cut out. I'm afraid I'll burn it up the first week with as much as I'm going to be using it. I have mostly all my files converted to all files except for a few overlays and the state overlays, I feel the end coming, I'll post in a couple of more days which ones I have finished and ready to purchase.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

More SVG's

DW00038 Scrapbook Designs
DW00039 Scrapbook Sayings
DW00040 Mega Scrapbook
DW00253 New Years Overlay
DW00202 Pirates
DW00077 Rubber Duck Ovelays
DW00102 Snowman Overlay
DW00205 Statue of Liberty

I found a couple of file collections that are still only gsd files, that is a lot more work to convert, but I'm working on those also. Here is a picture of the Scrapbook Designs.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Updated files

I've done some more SVG files, here is the list of new ones.

DW00114 Dreams and Morning Glories
DW00253 Elegant Circle Overlay
DW00206 Grapes and Jazz
DW00256 Hearts Overlay
DW00103 I wasn't Born a Princess Overlay
DW00206 Jungle Layout
DW00100 Little girls are like Butterflies Overlay
DW00037 Love and Marraige Collection

Do you want me to keep listing these, I just want to make sure someone is interested, Let me know, here is a picture of the Grapes and Jazz Layout.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

More SVG files

Here is an update of more I've added SVG files too, and remember if you want to purchase any files that are not converted, let me know and I'll put those next on my list to convert.

Back to School DW00228
Be Mine DW00026
Choo Choo Overlay DW00083
Christmas Poinsettia Overlay DW00109
Circle Overlay DW00249
Crocus Overlay DW00255
Curly Overlay DW00252
First Christmas DW00259


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SVG files added to existing files

Here is a list of the files I added SVG to today.
2 page Zoo overlay DW00237
4 Cats overlay DW00236
4 Dogs Overlay DW00109
2 page giraffee overlay DW00235
Mom-n-me DW00261
Paw Print Overlay DW00105
Best Friends Overlay DW00106
Dog Border overlay DW00201
My dog isn't spoiled overlay DW00200

Here are some that I found that only had GSD files, I uploaded all file typ[es
Fall Sayings DW00018
Doodles and Swoopies DW00011

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'm listing some totally new files, here's a sneak peek....


New Lacy Files

I uploaded some new files I had made that Caz graciously cut for me so I could get some new files up for you. Here is the whole collection.

You can either purchase the whole thing, or by pieces, I have it seperated in frames, corners, overlays and mats, here are some samples Caz did for me using those files.

Here is the link where you can purchase these items.
Diana's Designs