Thursday, May 21, 2009

By George I got it

I finally think I have the hang of converting my files to SVG files, I went ahead and updated the contest files at the Quilling Patch so it will be easier for the SVG users. Thanks Jen if your reading this you were a big help.
Now all my new files will have SVG included in the files, if there are any I've already made, and the only thing holding you off from purchasing them is no SVG file available, I'll be glad to add the SVG file and upload it at Paperthreads so you can purchase that type of file. It may take me a long time to go through them all and add the SVG files, I do have close to 300 files there, and I think I should concentrate on new files first. Hope this is good news for some that have e-mailed me in the past and asked for SVG files, I am updating the BSA files so they will be added to Paperthreads with the SVG files included.
Thanks again,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm trying to learn how to convert my files to SVG so people with cricuts and Sure Cuts a Lot can purchase my files also. My fellow designers are helping me learn how to do this, but it's very frustrating learning something new, I would like to start offering my new files in SVG format in addition to the other formats that I already offer. My next projects include fairies, sunflower files and prom. Any suggestions are always welcome. Let me know what you'd like to see in the form of file offerings.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Guest Designer at the Quilling Patch

I was honored to be asked by Lisa to be the Guest Designer on her Blog/Store. She asked me several questions that I really had to think about. I've offered her readers a free set of ballet files and a contest in using those files, to find out how to get to her blog click the link of the ballet files on the left. They will be available until June 15th.

Enjoy and be sure and enter the contest.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Using Sandpaper

I can't tell you how many sheets of paper I ruined by not getting the cut deep enough, especially on thicker card stock. For some reasons sometimes your cut does not go all the way to the bottom layer of paper, but if you turn your cut upside down you can see the outlines where it is supposed to be, instead of tearing it out and then trimming with scissors, try a piece of sandpaper, sand the back of the cut very carefully until you have that bottom layer sanded off, then it will fall out cleanly, even though I cut a lot of paper each day, this still happens to me so I keep sandpaper around. Oh, and buy it in a the home department of your store, scrapbook sandpaper cost so much and you get itty bitty squares of it. I buy it and cut it in smaller peices, sharpens my scissors at the same time, oh or use it to sharpen your trimmer blade. Make sure and get the sandpaper that is a finer grain so you don't tear up your paper sanding it. I also keep a nail file handy for sanding down smaller pieces, it's easier to grip than a large sheet of sandpaper.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Better Now

I'm feeling better now, my cough is almost gone, and I have my energy back. I did work on several scrapbook pages over the weekend, finished my vacation to the smoky's album, working on converting the rest of the files so I can put them up at Paperthreads. This weekend was strange, it seemed all the movies or shows I watched someone ended up dying, I told my hubby it was freaking me out yesterday, and then he told me about his bosses wife who went into a diabetic coma over the weekend and died yesterday. My friend said it's a sign I should watch my blood sugars more, I'm diabetic and on a lot of medicines and keep getting different advise from different doctors. I really try to watch what I eat, but sometimes I'm bad, my blood sugar is really low right before lunch and right before supper, so I think I need to eat a snack mid morning and mid afternoon, even though one doctor told me no snacking. I'm also going to take my sugar levels more often, maybe the movies were a sign for me to check my sugar better. Anyway, you don't want to hear all about that, but if you have health issues be sure and keep on top of them.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Layout with dream catcher

I'm finishing up my vacation album, just have a few more pages to go, I've put a picture of my dream catcher paper peicing under this post so you can see it, this is my favorite paper peicing of this collection, I have 3 sets, Cherokee Indians, which includes the dream catcher and 20 other files, Smokey Mountains, which includes 29 titles and files, and In the Woods, which includes animals and trees, I'm working on them right now to offer at paperthreads, my questions is Should I start offering my files in SCAL, that's for Sure Cuts a Lot program for Cricut, I can go back and add SCAL to my other files on a request basis, and all new files would have SCAL included if I get enough requests, so let me know if you'd buy files from me in SCAL.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scouting Pages

My husband is the advisor for the Order of the Arrow, which is a spin off of Boyscouts that helps the community and boyscouts. The do ceremonies for the scouts like Crossing from Cubscouts to Boyscouts and the Arrow of Light Award, here are 2 pages from those ceremonies.


Monday, May 4, 2009

I spent this whole weekend on the couch, I ended up with a rough sounding cough, I must have looked rough too because my kids were asking if I needed anything. I'm getting better now, but still have a small fever.

I'm excited by how many I had visit my blog and download the free file, thanks for all the lovely comments.

Here is a card that I made last week, I loved the way the colors came together. The bird stamps is from The Angel Company, and the sentiment is from Stampin Up. I used a sponge to put the ink on the edges, I feel like it gives it a more chalky look that way.

Have a GREAT Day,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day

As promised, here is my free file, I'll leave it up for the weekend, don't forget to check out my paperthreads sale, everything 50% off the entire weekend. I had a great time at the crop yesterday. I ended up with a bad cough so I was pretty sick, rough drive home, but we made it safely.
Here is a list of the designers that are giving away a free file today.

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Friday, May 1, 2009


Starting today through Sunday May 3rd I'll be having a 50% off sale at PaperThreads. Now is the time to snag those files you've been wanting, but hurry it only lasts the weekend. If you check back tomorrow I'll have a free file for you also, it's a lattice border. I'm off for a NSD crop in Mayfield, KY.
Have a great weekend,

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