Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scouting Pages

My husband is the advisor for the Order of the Arrow, which is a spin off of Boyscouts that helps the community and boyscouts. The do ceremonies for the scouts like Crossing from Cubscouts to Boyscouts and the Arrow of Light Award, here are 2 pages from those ceremonies.



Lu said...

Love your pages. My son is very involved in the OA. Are these SVG files that you used to create your pages? If you created them would you mind sharing? I am a "real newbie" at this and plan on buying SCAL next payday. Thanks

Holly said...

Your page came out really well Diana. the title looks great and everything else too. Glad that it all came together for you.

Diana said...

So far I don't make SVG files, but I'm planning on it. I make all my files in Klic-n-kut, but am going to offer all file types when I get it converted.