Sunday, May 17, 2009

Using Sandpaper

I can't tell you how many sheets of paper I ruined by not getting the cut deep enough, especially on thicker card stock. For some reasons sometimes your cut does not go all the way to the bottom layer of paper, but if you turn your cut upside down you can see the outlines where it is supposed to be, instead of tearing it out and then trimming with scissors, try a piece of sandpaper, sand the back of the cut very carefully until you have that bottom layer sanded off, then it will fall out cleanly, even though I cut a lot of paper each day, this still happens to me so I keep sandpaper around. Oh, and buy it in a the home department of your store, scrapbook sandpaper cost so much and you get itty bitty squares of it. I buy it and cut it in smaller peices, sharpens my scissors at the same time, oh or use it to sharpen your trimmer blade. Make sure and get the sandpaper that is a finer grain so you don't tear up your paper sanding it. I also keep a nail file handy for sanding down smaller pieces, it's easier to grip than a large sheet of sandpaper.


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Lisa said...

Now that's a handy idea. Thanks for the tip Diana!