Friday, August 6, 2010

Updated files

I've done some more SVG files, here is the list of new ones.

DW00114 Dreams and Morning Glories
DW00253 Elegant Circle Overlay
DW00206 Grapes and Jazz
DW00256 Hearts Overlay
DW00103 I wasn't Born a Princess Overlay
DW00206 Jungle Layout
DW00100 Little girls are like Butterflies Overlay
DW00037 Love and Marraige Collection

Do you want me to keep listing these, I just want to make sure someone is interested, Let me know, here is a picture of the Grapes and Jazz Layout.


1 comment:

Lisa Avolio said...

I think it's helpful for you to list them. It may also generate some blog traffic and/or file sales. I tend to wait for a sale at PT before I but, since I own so many I haven't cut, but I love being able to buy the svg's once I'm ready. Thanks for doing the conversions!