Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new KNK

I got word that it's being delivered by Fed Ex TODAY, how excited am I. Course it couldn't have come at a busier time, I'm demo'ing my kitchen/dining room/hall this week, and next week my husband is putting in tile floors, sheet rock, (we have paneling now that is coming down) painting the walls and ceiling (we have popcorn now we are scraping that off) installing new cabinets (he's building them now), and I'll be on vacation with a friend of mine in Virginia. My brother is coming to help him do the new work, I've been emptying cabinets, china cabinet and taking stuff off walls all this week. He's hoping to have the walls done, tile laid and some of the base cabinets done by the time I get back. I'm doing the kitchen tuscan style since my husband dabbles in making wine. The wood is a very dark brown on my new kitchen table and we are making the cabinets to match, my walls will be pale yellow with hints of white to look like stucco, the countertop is black,brown,beige granite, the floor is a light cream with some darker brown in it. If you've read this long, we are giving my china cabinet to my son (husband is making another to match my cabinets) and the kitchen table is being given to someone who needs one. If anyone is interested I'll post pictures of before and after.
I won't be posting next week, since I'll be in virginia with my friend, have a great week.



Jan said...

Oooooh! Ooooooh! Yes please post some pics when it is all through! Always getting ideas!!

starry43 said...

Definitely post pictures I cant wait to see Suzanne