Monday, March 29, 2010

Paper Roses

I've been surfing the web and seeing all the beautiful flowers that can be made out of paper, the layouts that use these flowers are just stunning. I really love Tim Holtz, I'm not quite as distressed as he is, but I'm a wanna be. I took a little of what Tim Holtz taught and a little of what the other blogs and video tutorials taught and created my own way. I actually taught this in a class at the crop this past weekend, and look what I made?

I'm really going to try to work hard, and get the tutorial written up and get the files made, I have several types of roses that I made and try to have it all ready by friday. I may even give out a free file of one of the roses, are you excited yet?? I'm also going to give away the whole file collection that I'm making it includes 4 types of rose petals, a large mat, 2 smaller mats and daisies, mums, leaves and of course the instructions for putting the roses together. All you have do to be entered in the drawing is .....
Make something out of one of my files and e-mail it to me 1 entry
If it's not a file I gave away free 1 additional entry
Make a comment on my blog 1 entry
follow me 2 entries
post to other blogs, websites, or egroups that I'm giving away blog candy, if someone beat you to the post as long as you respond on that same blog, website or e-group it counts 3 entries
e-mail or notify me when your making your comment and I'll put you in the drawing.
Hurry, friday will be here soon,


debenj said...

These are absolutely beautiful. Roses of any type is/are my favorite of all flowers. Love them!!!

Jan said...

I love your roses!! I can't wait to see your tutorial and see the files!! Beautiful
Jan W. (jlwclanfam)

Barracudasue said...

Well, Diana, I would love to see your flowers but I've downloaded your page 4 times and cannot see the photo!

I'll try again later. WAAAAAAAAA!!!!haleyelizabeth2906

Caroline said...

Your Roses are GORGEOUS! So very creative of you! waiting for the tutorial now :)

Heather D. said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! I SO hope you post a tutorial on this! I'll download it for sure!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

~Heather D.

Trisha said...

Diana, your roses are so beautiful! I look forward to the tutorial.

Barracudasue said...

WOW! The photo came through and these are absolutely, positively, without a doubt THE most amazing paper roses I have ever seen!!!!! FANTASTIC and beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

WOW Diana those roses are beautiful. I cannot wait to see the file.

jzayler said...

These are gorgeous! I can't wait to see how you did them!!!