Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a procrastinator

Yes, I admit it, I wait until the last minute for just about everything. My friends say I'm organized and on time, but they don't see what happens when they are not looking. I appear to be organized, and I arrive on time (panting and sweating). I've found if I have several things I need to do and I write a list, I find I'm more able to finish those chores if I see the satisfaction of marking off finished items. Today I need a list!

Kitchen is at a standstill, hubby is working 12 hour shifts for a week and a half, and he is dragging when he comes home, plus it gets dark soon after that and he can't see the cabinets to work on them.

Klick n kut is hooked up, but not working I have to call and get help to get it working. (one of those things on my list)

Tried a new recipe this week, it is really good, but only if you like leeks. It is called Pasta with brueshetta and leeks
above link for the recipe.
I used bacon instead of bruechetta, and a different white wine than she suggested, but it did turn out awesome, everyone else in the house turned up their nose, but they don't like the onion flavor, I do, and it does have a onion flavor to it, milder, but still oniony. (is that a word?)

I'm putting blogging on my list.


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Shelly said...

Great post, it sounds a bit like me. Maybe we're related? ha! Hope you're liking your KNK, I got mine in April and still feel like a newbie with it. I haven't tried that recipe, but I have tried a lot from PW's site...lots of yummy (and fattening) to try.