Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've found it's better for me to post in the mornings, so here I am, sitting in my jammies, drinking my coffee and wiping the sleep from my eyes. I worked on my Zoo collection yesterday, it is for the Auto-ship club which is due out the 15-20th and I have always gotten it done by the 15th, but some circumstances in the past week have caused me to be a bit behind, so it's possible it may not be finished until tomorrow. I have it designed, and am just doing the test cuts now, so once I finish the test cuts, I can go through make sure all the files are the same in each section for illustrator, klick-n-kut, wishblade and pazzles, then make a screen shot of the all the black and white jpgs. Sometimes it gets very boring, don't get me wrong, I love designing the files, it's the convering to all file types, cleaning everything up, making sure it cuts right, that's the part that gets tedious.
Love to all my cutter nuts,

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