Thursday, January 24, 2008


I wish everyone had enough money to be able to keep their cars up and running right, I take in my car and change the oil every 3 months, they let me know if something is wrong, leaking,low on air, ect..My kids on the other hand, don't do anything til the car is on it's last leg, then they call Momma, well the money train is closed, I can't afford my kids anymore. Son's car is in the shop and now father in law is paying for it, he's going to try to get his other car working this weekend. I am always the taxi driver. Have to pick him up from work, Zach from babysitter, and take him home which is a 45 minute trip from the babysitters, so I'll be gone 2 hours round trip. Wheww, hope the car gets fixed soon.

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