Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting ready for cruise

I'm going on the Cutter Cruise that is March 1st so the date is coming fast. I'm teaching a class on overlays there, so I'm trying to get them ready and make a collection of 8x8 overlays, title and designs that will be given with the class. I'm amazed at how many of them I've already done, pretty much what it's going to be, I have around 60 overlays, 46 titles and borders and 20 or so graphic designs that will be in this collection, it will go on sale after the cruise, for 2 weeks it will be $25.00 then after that the price will be $30.00, I think that's an awesome price considering how much will be on it.
I'm testing out a new Camera that I just bought at Office Depot, it is a Kodak Easyshare Z1285, see it here.

It has 12mp and the guy at the store said it was a must have, I'll put my review of the camera in my blog in the next few days.

I need to do my taxes, so I'll post more later.

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