Sunday, March 9, 2008

Caribbean Cruise

I have the Collection for my Caribbean Cruise ready to be e-mailed or put on CD and mailed out, until the 15th of March I will be selling this for $25.00 to celebrate the awesome cruise I just went on and met IRL some fabulous women and friends. After the 15th it will go to regular price which is $30.00 plus if you want shipping add $2.00. It has a lot of the excursions that you can go on in Jamaica and Cayman Islands, but can be used for other trips, it has titles and graphics for Margarittaville, Butterfly farm, dolphins, swimming with stingrays, pirate stuff. 145 files of 8"x 8" overlays (which can be resized to 12"x 12", directions how to included), titles, and several of the pictures and paper piecings that pertain to excursions, sailing, cruising, going to the beach and just plain playing. Just e-mail me and let me know you want in on the special price. Several that went on the cruise took my class, ask them, they got a copy of the CD with 145 files.


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