Monday, March 17, 2008

phasing out wishblade only collections

I'm going to phase out old collections, that are only wishblade files, takes
me way to long to get them converted and then I'm not really happy with the
way they convert. I'll sell the CD's for $6.00 each, that includes shipping,
these all are only wishblade files.

Heritage Designs,,,I have 7 left
Paper Flowers 2
Doodles and swoopies 5
Fall holidays 6
Winter Holidays 1
Christmas Ornaments 2
Fall Designs 11

And these have been converted, but I have these CD's left for wishblade or
pazzle files only
Red Hat Designs wishblade and pazzles 1
Calendar Cuts wishblade 1

I'm going to put them up on Ebay on Wed, so first come first serve. I will
no longer sell those files once the CD's are gone.
e-mail me,,,,

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