Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gingerbread man ornament

Here are the directions for cutting and decorating the gingerbread man. I cut the background out in a brownish/red paper, to resemble the color of gingerbread, the icing/top layer I cut out of white, then embossed it with UTEE, you can probably use a fine clear embossing powder, but you may have to emboss it twice to get the raised glossy look.
I tied a bow under his chin, drew on his mouth, and glued a small red rhinestone for his nose, used a 1/4" eylet for the hanger, and I just put it on the card with a ribbon through the hanger, so it can be snipped off and used as an ornament after the card has been sent. I did cut out a place for a picture from his tummy on some of them, so you can put a picture in it. You'll get the background, the 2nd layer, which has the hole cut out for a picture, the icing and also a shadow of the gingerbread man if you want to use it.

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