Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted to my blog, this is a busy time of year for everyone. I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas in their hearts and in their homes. I'm making all my presents this year, which I love doing and giving, hopefully I'll be done soon. I've learned to let things go so I can enjoy the season, I don't get bent out of shape when things don't get done, like I used to do. This weekend most Paperthreads designers are participating in a Thanksgiving Sale, go make sure and check out the sales. THe free file is actually 6 files of chinese pheonix, only one is shown, but you will get a total of 6 files.


debenj said...

Diana, are you going to eventually post photos of some of the gifts you are making? (know posting photos before giving the gift isn't a good idea...lol) Love homemade gifts. Thanks for sharing the file :) It's beautiful!

Diana said...

Yes, I can't say what the gifts are just yet, some of the gift recievers read my blog, but I will post them after Christmas.