Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday night

It is late Sunday night here, well late for me, since I've just got back from a weekend crop in Memphis area. I had a ball, the camp wasn't that great, but the friends, and the food, and the hostesses were great, if your reading,,,Thanks Debbie and Stephanie, you are the greatest!!! The only one missing from our Wednesday best friends group was Marla, who usually stays home with her twin boys, we missed ya!!

Here is your free Monday file, it is a title with a shadow, requested by Sharon, and I had thought I had already sent it to her. I've decided to put all my free files on my website, so this link will take you directly to my free file page, and you can then download all my free files if you missed any. They won't be taken down, you can get them whenever you want them.

Quote I borrowed from someone else (can't remember who, sorry)

If you can't stand behind our soldiers, free free to stand in front of them

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marla1970 said...

well I'm glad you guys missed me! It's nice to have friends!!! :) Marla