Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy weekend

Wow this weeked just flew by, on Saturday I want to Carolyns spring tea, and it was awesome, she really outdid herself, the food was soooo good. I was very good and pretty much stayed off the dessert table, I did take a cheese cake in a dark chocolate cup, but only ate a bite, it was really sweet. Then I went to a crop at my LSS and I did a couple pages for Zachery, one of them turned out really cute, and they talked me into giving a class and 5 of them signed up on the spot. So yesterday I spent all day getting the kits ready, soon as I get a picture of it I'll show it to you. This Saturday I'm going to teach my calender class, so I got ready for that too. Hope you like todays free file, it's a bunny overlay, and I'll get it posted asap.

Decide to be happy

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