Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Also selling collections of overlays

For a huge discount, I only have knk files ready right now, Here is the 1st one
Helicopter, Plane, Giraffe, dogs, My Kitty 2 page, Red Hat Ladies, Pink Hat Lady, I wasn't born a princess,,but if the tiara fits, Little girls like butterflies need no excuse, 12th grade
2nd set
Car , Truck, Vine, Spring Break, Zoo 2 page, Beach, 1st Picture (for ultrasound pictures), Palm Trees, Warning, when I'm an old Woman, I shall wear purple, My name is No No, but my Grama calls me precious
Each set has 10 overlays and they normally sell for $2.99 each, I'll sell each set for $15.00 which is 1/2 price, but if you buy both sets you can get them for $20.00. A few of them are posted on my blog if you want to check them out. Just e-mail me and let you know what you want.
Thanks so much for reading this far,


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