Monday, November 9, 2009

Reduced CD's, lowering inventory

I have a lot of CD's here that I burned for my ebay sales, and I am going to retire some of my files, so I decided to sell them at 1/2 off, none of these files include SVG format, but they do include AI, WPC, GSD and KNK files, the first set I'm going to sell is called wedding words, I have 3 sets of these, set 1 is before the wedding, set 2 is during the wedding, and set 3 is after the wedding, if you ever need to do a wedding album, these are perfect for the whole thing, most are words, but there are some that have graphics in with the words, below is a sample of the wedding words volume 2, each collection has between 70 and 88 images, they normally sell for $20 each, but I'm selling them now for $10.00 plus free shipping, I only have 5 of each CD and when they are gone, I'm not burning anymore. If you want to see thumbnails of each e-mail me and I'll send them to you.

Also on sale, CD's only shipping included, files are GSD, AI, WPC and KNK
Scrapbooking Words Mega CD - 74 files - regular price $20.00 - sale price $10.00 shipped12x12 Calendar overlays - 30+ files - regular price $20.00- sale price $10.00 shipped
The following have 30 to 40 files and are regular $10.99 sale $6.00 shipped

Patriotic Summer
Heritage Designs
Pets Collection
Calendar Cuts
Groovy 70's
Birthday Designs
Baby Collection
Zoo Collection
Tropical Summer Designs
Fall Sayings
Red Hat
Love and Marraige
GSD FILES ONLY also on sale for $6.00
Christmas Ornaments
Fall Designs
Paper Flowers
Fall Holidays
Doodles and Swoopies

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