Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Gifts

This year for Christmas I want to make all my gifts and have asked my family and friends to make anything they want to give to me. Not only is it the birth of our Lord, but it is also a time to give of yourself, like God gave us his Son. It's wonderful to make someone you love happy by giving them a gift that you've picked out for them, and they you know they wanted, but this year I wanted to go a little further. Not only is the economy tight, but I want to put more of myself into my gifts this year. I'll be sharing every Wendesday the gifts I've done for the week, so this week it's my husbands gift.

He is making his own wine in our basement and I'm going to fix him up a shelf area where he has all his wine making supplies. This is a light I'm going to give him to decorate that area.


Barracudasue said...

Beatiful, Diana! I think a lot of us are making our gifts this year. It does have more meaning!

debenj said...

Very nice! I love homemade items and would like to see more people lean this way. :) Fantastic Job!