Sunday, November 29, 2009

CD's for sale

I still have a bunch of CD's left even after the overwhelming response I already got. Please help me get rid of these, I have thumbnails (upon request to of all of them, and for every 3 you purchase you get 1 free, my choice, here is the list.
$10.00 each includes shipping
Caribbean Cruise 144 files
scrapbooking mega cd 74 files
Wedding words vol 1 before the wedding 70 files
Wedding words vol 2 during the wedding 88 files
Wedding words vol 3 after the wedding 70 files
12x12 Calendar Overlays 25 overlays
12x12 Birthday Overlays 32 overlays
$6.00 each includes shipping
scrapbook sayings 37 files
Patriotic summer 31 files
simple sentiments 32 files
just words 38 files
Heritage Designs 31 files
love and marriage 34 files
Red hat designs 39 files
Pets collection 34 files
Sentiments 31 files
Fall sayings 30 files
Tropical Designs 37 files
Descriptive Monograms 32 files
Fair and Carnival 36 files
Sports collection 43 files
Zoo collection 35 files
Birthday Designs 35 files
Calendar Cuts 35 files
Groovy 70's 37 files
Recipe Designs 40 files
Baby Designs 39 files
8x8 overaly 10 overlays

only gsd $6.00 includes shipping
Fall designs 36 files
doodles and swoopies 36 files
fall holidays 35 files
Children Playing 39 files
Heritage Designs 31 files
Fair and CArnival 36 files
calendar cuts 35 files
Here are thumbnails of the Sports Collection

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james said...

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