Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Files available at Paperthreads

I've uploaded several files at Paperthreads and I wanted to show you some of them. The first is very fitting since we got our 2nd snow of the year today (Tennessee) It's a collection I had available only in GSD, but is now available in all files types, AI, WPC, KNK, GSD and SVG. Winter Collection

Next I have Winter Holidays, this was a club CD so it's never been released until now, it includes all the winter holidays, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Presidents Day, Hanakkah and even a couple for Kwanza. It is available in all file types. Winter Holidays

Paper Flowers is a collection I've been working on for several months on and off. It includes over 30 flowers and leaves that you can use so many different ways, here is a sampling of the flowers that Caz did for me.Paper Flowers

Here is the last photo, I just love this collection, my daughter and I went to the midnight showing of New Moon, so I had to do a layout of it and all the posters that were my fav's, the files include the title, mats, corners and borders that all have the Old World feel of the New Moon movie.New Moon

Here are some others I've uploaded
Chinese New Year

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