Saturday, January 9, 2010

Apply for Design Team Member

I need at least 2 more on my design team, to cut files and make scrapbook pages, cards, and advertise for me. In return I'll send you free files. I have 3 on my DT right now, but it would be wonderful if I could get 2 more, send me a link to samples of your work or e-mail me several samples, I'll let you know by the 20th of Feb.



Elizabeth said...

I would love to apply to be a member oif your team, if you need me to send stuff to you, I will.

Barracudasue said...

You would be a super addition to
Diana's team, Elizabeth!

You all know I've been without my glasses and my new ones are STILL not in. They are coming from Maryland (an insurance issue) and I've so totally let Diana down lately by NOT being able to cut because I cannot see anything close up. ARGH! I feel SO bad about this! But, WATCH OUT when those new glasses come in...ROFLOL