Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trace Creek Crop

Twice a year Trace Creek Church ladies have a crop where 245 women attend, it is so much fun and I get a chance to see ladies from KY that I only see at this crop :waving to Lisa:, I taught a class on a waterfall card and a spinner card that went well. These are both moveable cards that I learned how to make just recently. I'll post my cards later today so you can see them. We drove home in the snow, the roads were clear, but it's hard to see when the headlights are being reflected in the falling snow, no snow on the roads, but we have about 1/2" on the grass today, I love to look at snow from the warmth of my house .

Have a great day,

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Carol said...

I'm trying to find the email address to Jill so I can register for this fall's crop. Can you help me?