Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm going to try something new this month. I'm going to give a freebie when you purchase $20.00 or more from my store at Paperthreads, here is how this works, you go in put $20.00 or more of my files in your cart, then add the Easter Bunny Collection (free file) and you put in the coupon code DW_0309_15683 and it will deduct the $4.99 cost for the Easter Bunny Collection.
Here is the direct link to my store
Diana's Designs Store
Direct link to the Free File
Easter Bunny Collection Free file

I'm also going to add free files to my blog this month, I'll post at least 3 free files, don't know what days, so keep checking back, maybe next month we'll even have a contest.
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Lisa said...

I didn't leave Sat night until 8 and the roads were covered & slick! I missed your card class had to get the little one so she could come crop. Look forward to seeing you in Sept. and taking some of your classes!!