Monday, December 7, 2009

OK, I had my kids and my husband vote on which two they liked the best, I had 5 entries, remember 1st place gets $20.00 worth of files, 2nd place gets $10.00 worth, you just have to contact me and let me know which files you want and I'll e-mail them to you.

Submitter aussiecazdesigns
This won 1st place with 3 out of 6 possible votes, I'm glad this one won because she actually used my files to make the layout, the flowers, bee's and beehive are from my "bee's and beehive" files, you can get them here

Submitter wrightplace4
This layout got 2nd place with 2 votes, I think everything in this layout is stampin up

Submitter barracudasue
This layout gets honorable mention with 1 vote, in fact my son said the reason he gave this layout a vote was because he thought the title was funny.

Submitter BRobin1116
This one also used one of my files, the bird, it's actually a freebie on paperthreads, you can get it here
I also have 7 more at paperthreads in a collection if you like that one.

Submitter Momof5

This was fun, I was very excited to get each and every entry, so thank you all. Do you want me to do more sketch contests? How much time do I need to give, maybe next time I'll give a free file for everyone that enters, hmmmmm.
Have a great day,


Barracudasue said...

Congrats to the two winners! All the submissions are wonderful.

I would love to see more sketches, Diana! This was FUN! Thanks for hosting!

Caroline said...

WOW! I won, I am so excited. Thanks for picking my layout! It was lovely to see all the entries, and yes... please run more challenges... I LOVE them!! cheers, caz

elaine said...

Thanks for letting me get 2nd place even though I didn't use any of your files. I'll try to get my machine set back up and running before your next challenge so I can feel more official.

Yes, more contests would be fun! Keep 'em comming!