Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today I'm busy converting files and getting them zipped and placing them on my website. It is tedious work, but it is something that has to be done, I've asked a few designers to help me cut and embellish my files and they are doing a wonderful job, and also pushing me to get the stuff converted and put in the store. Here is one that I just got today, Jessica used wrinkled foil to back the cutouts with and used a dark hunters green as the front of the overlay. I'll include a link under the picture so it will take you to my store so you can order it. This file is $2.99 and I do have a minumum of $5.00 per order on my website, so be sure and buy something else.

I should have a few more posted later today if you want to check back, mostly baby file overlays, a train, dollhouse, bath and rubber ducky pages, and of course teddy bear, they turned out very cute!!!!


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