Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Card

I was surprised by my husband this morning. He usually leaves for work before I wake up, I went to get coffee and in front of the coffee pot was this card and a bottle of wine.

He had my friend, who is a stamping up rep, make the card for him and he wrote the poem on the inside.
32 Years
32 years since the day you were asked,
The words that made your respond "Are you serious?"
It meant a lot to me then and even more now,
32 years later all I can say is wow!
Some people said that we wouldn't last,
Now 32 years later, they're in the past.
I've loved you through good and loved you through bad
But 32 years later I remember the good times we've had.
They say love is blind but my heart is sincere,
As we start off this 32nd year.
I love you today way deep in my heart.
I still remember those words "Til death do us part."
With this wine I have given I offer a toast
To 32 more years with you as my host
Happy Valentines Day,

My husband is still as romantic as he was 32 years ago, he still surprises me with candy, flowers and romance even when it's not valentines day. He actually proposed marriage to me 32 years ago on Valentines Day, and on our 25th valentines day, he asked me to renew our vows and gave me a ring, and told me he already had the church reserved for Aug. 6, which is our wedding anniversary. I think I'll keep him forever. Hope you have a great Valentines day.


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Shirley Clark said...

Beautiful! Just like you!