Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trace Creek Crop

Yesterday I went to Trace Creek Baptist Church for their Bi-Annual Crop, I love going there. I was a vendor and had make-n-takes which all were easter baskets, I'll try to post all these tomorrow. Someone saw me making cards for Soldiers and said that I should do that card as a make-n-take, so I agreed, here is the cards that I used for make-n-takes.

I had a little bit of time at the end of the day so I worked on more Cards for Soldiers, Here is a little about that project, my friend Elaine and I make and collect cards and if we just get card fronts we put them on white cardstock, pair them with a envelope and mail a large box at a time to a Chaplain of a troop that is stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Since we live close to Ft Campbell we personally know a lot of men and women that get stationed there, so we have no shortage of troops to send them too. Elaine and I supply a lot of envelopes, cardstock and basically all the supplies that go into make the cards and we pay to mail them, not that we mind, we do what we can, but donations are always appreciated, we love most card fronts, you know from the discontinued stamps samples you have in your books if your a demonstrator for a stamp company, we also love invitation sized envelopes, white and ivory cardstock and of course monetary donations. If you'd like to make some cards and send them or donate anything else I've listed, please e-mail me for my home address, I'd love to get something from you in the mail, and believe me the soldiers really love the cards to send back to their loved ones, One rule, no glitter, but you can make them a little lumpy/3-D. Anyway here is the other I card I designed and made this weekend, the front and the inside. It's hard to tell, but I popdotted the cup and the saying.



Trisha said...

This is such a beautiful card. The rose is gorgeous! Beautiful colors. Do you know what it says on the ribbon which wraps around the stem?

Diana said...

I don't know what it says, but it looks like Latin to me, some of the letters are under the stem so it's hard to read.

Elizabeth said...

beautiful card. Do you have any more info about the cards for the troops like what type of cards do you want?? I would be happy to make some cards for you to send.

Diana said...

Any kind of cards are good, right now we are making mothers day and fathers day cards, we make the holiday's about 2 month ahead to get them enough time to get there. Birthday, I miss you, I love you, are always in season. Thanks for asking.