Friday, June 12, 2009


For some reason this week was long, maybe it was because I am trying to save some money, and only had $30 in my checking account, and today is payday, so I looked forward to today. I'm so spoiled, I love to spend money, well who doesn't. My mother grew up in Germany during the War, she's told me stories about how they went to the fields after the farmers who owned them dug up their potato crop and scavanged for potatoes they missed, how my grandmother sliced the bread in portions so they'd have enough to last the week. I can't even relate to that, I've always been able to go to the store and buy whatever I want to, sometimes I thought I didn't have much money to do it, but I still got more than just a bag of potatoes. I'm thinking today how good I have it even when I think I don't. So I've decided today I'm going to really count my blessings and be happy with what I have.

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Lisa said...

I agree. Sometimes we do forget how well off we are for the things we have.